Chengdu Foreign-invested Enterprises Salon | Event Review

On Wednesday the 20th of November the British Chamber SW visited two villages in Pidu District, an up and coming area located in the Northwest of Chengdu. The on-site tour of Qinggangshu Village included a visit to Xiangcao Lake, Rural Supply-Side Exhibition Centre and Rongxiufang embroidery workshop. Qinggangshu was appraised for being one of “the most beautiful villages in China” in 2015.

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The nationwide Beautiful Village Project, proposed by the Chinese Government in 2013 covers rural planning, rural culture, ecological environment and economic development. The aim, to help villages such as Qinggangshu change from a single farming village into a mature tourism village. This is a strategy implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture to solve the decline of rural development and contribute to poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

In Zhanqi Village the British Chamber SW visited 18 village Workshops, Zhanqi Exhibition Hall and Sichuan Cuisine Museum where we were able to sample soy sauce and the famous broad bean paste, or ‘Douban’, as well as trying a hand at calligraphy painting . Zhanqi Village is considered a ‘pioneer of agricultural and rural reform’ and has become the focus of the country since 2015 when it ‘took a lead in allowing rural collective operating construction land into market in the Sichuan Province’. President Xi Jinping also paid a visit to Zhanqi Village in 2018 and said “I’m very impressed by your development performance. Your collective economy has developed well, and here everyone participates in that and has a sense of achievement.”

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The day proceeded with the ‘Chengdu Foreign Investment Enterprise Salon’, sponsored by Chengdu Investment Promotion Bureau and Pidu District People’s Government. This was attended by Foreign Consulates, Enterprises, and Trade Associations with more than 50 Enterprises being in attendance. Speeches were received from: Liu Jian, Director of Foreign Investment Management and Project Promotion Division of Chengdu Investment Promotion Bureau, Yang Dongsheng, Secretary of Pidu District Party committee, Wu Bin, Deputy Secretary of Pidu District Party Committee, Xu Chuanfeng, Vice Chief Executive of Pidu District People’s Government and Sichuan Hepu law firm. Each took turns to discuss and explain the investment environment of Pidu District, policies relevant to foreign investment, and the basic rights of shareholders in corporate governance.

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The conference was intended to promote the coordinated development of industry and city integration and discuss building an international corporation environment that attracts international schools, hospitals and foreign investment. The intention is that Pidu District will become an engineering model district and national IP stronghold that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship and will boast “infrastructure with seamless links” and “66 different parks where each park will have a different industry focus.”