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易迪思(中国)培训中心是中国领先的企业级培训服务供应商, 目前机构 拥有超过800多位合作讲师,专注于企业级培训领域。目前总累计已为超过3500余家企业 提供定制化培训解决方案。拥有国内最有口碑、最具影响力的金牌讲师队伍。 疫情期间, 易迪思特此提供免费线上课程, 为各位职场精英在家完成自我“充电”!

会员动态 | 易迪思 职场精英系列公益免费在线课程

The British chambers of commerce in China have conducted a second survey on the impact of COVID-19 on our member companies. The initial survey measured sentiment as companies returned from the Lunar New Year holiday between 5th and 7th February. This survey, conducted between 18th and 21st February, provides an updated picture now that […]

COVID-19 still weighing heavily on British business in China

关于现有疫情下雇佣与劳动相关的常见问题 FAQ on Employment and Labor Issues during Novel Coronavirus Outbreak With the ongoing epidemic outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneomonia (COVID-19), businesses with a presence in China are facing a variety of new challenges.  As a membership organisation, we will support this via knowledge sharing amongst BritCham members, as […]

FAQ on Employment and Labor Issues during COVID-19

BritCham invites you to participate in our second survey on the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on your business. Our first report was vital to understand the initial impacts but this second survey will delve deeper into what this actually means for your 2020 revenue, business strategy and business operations.  This survey will […]

Help us better understand how COVID-19 impact your business

BritCham’s first webinar series event was launched on Thursday with a live Q&A with the British Ambassador to China, Dame Barbara Woodward. Over 400 members dialed in from all over the world as St. John Moore, Chair of BritCham China interviewed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to China.  To request the full interview video, please […]

Q&A with the British Ambassador to China – video available ...

在这个非同寻常的特殊时期,英商会会员-成都威斯敏斯特学校(筹)通过微信推出一个英文播客(CWS 电台),支持孩子们在家继续接受教育。在每周一次的电台广播中,收听英语世界不可不学的希腊神话。 BritCham Member – Chengdu Westminster School launched a weekly podcasts through WeChat, which supports children continuing their education from home, giving the chance to children all across China to learn about Greek Mythology. 电台主播:雯雯老师 Pippa Ebel,雯雯老师,出生于英国,毕业于牛津大学英语文学和语言专业。Pippa在成都威斯敏斯特学校筹备组担任高级课程协调员。除了有一口标准纯正英式英语以外,Pippa还精通拉丁文、法语、中文,她用一年时间掌握了中文,有着非常熟练的双语双文化沟通能力。 Pippa Ebel, or Teacher Wen, graduated Oxford University with a degree in […]

成都威斯敏斯特学校:CWS 助学电台开播!CWS Podcasts: Epic Greek Myths

Dear BritCham Members,  尊敬的英商会会员: We collected some of the most up-to -date information in regards to the novel coronavirus, as it is the challenge that all of us are facing in China. 由于近来身在中国的我们正共同面临新型冠状病毒带来的挑战, 我们在此为您收集了一些相关信息。 The current situation: (source: Caixin Global) By midnight of January 31, Chengdu had reported 72 confirmed cases of pneumonia caused […]

Updates on Novel Coronavirus Outbreak