成都威斯敏斯特学校:CWS 助学电台开播!CWS Podcasts: Epic Greek Myths

在这个非同寻常的特殊时期,英商会会员-成都威斯敏斯特学校(筹)通过微信推出一个英文播客(CWS 电台),支持孩子们在家继续接受教育。在每周一次的电台广播中,收听英语世界不可不学的希腊神话。

BritCham Member – Chengdu Westminster School launched a weekly podcasts through WeChat, which supports children continuing their education from home, giving the chance to children all across China to learn about Greek Mythology.


Pippa Ebel,雯雯老师,出生于英国,毕业于牛津大学英语文学和语言专业。Pippa在成都威斯敏斯特学校筹备组担任高级课程协调员。除了有一口标准纯正英式英语以外,Pippa还精通拉丁文、法语、中文,她用一年时间掌握了中文,有着非常熟练的双语双文化沟通能力。

Pippa Ebel, or Teacher Wen, graduated Oxford University with a degree in English Language and Literature. She is now the Senior International Coordinator for Chengdu Westminster School. Pippa is proficient in Latin, French and Mandarin, which she was able to master in a single year. Such an ability in languages makes her a very strong cross-cultural communicator. 

自去年 12 月以来,我们进入了一个不同寻常、特别具有挑战性的时期。对每个人来说,这都是一个艰难的时刻,因为他们要调整自己的生活以适应新的环境。



家长可以辅导学生学科知识和自学,但是在家里创造一个英语学习环境是特别困难的。作为一所国际化双语学校,在这方面成都威斯敏斯特学校筹备组发挥了他们的优势。从2月3日起,成都威斯敏斯特学校将(筹)通过微信官方账号提供英语播客(CWS 电台),让中国各地的孩子有机会了解希腊神话,每周收听一个经典故事。由于内容和词汇量的要求,CWS 电台推荐给8岁以上的学生,但成都威斯敏斯特学校筹备组邀请更年轻的学生或家长接受挑战,并尝试一下!


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Since December, China has been facing an unusual and particularly challenging period. It is a difficult time for everyone as they adjust their lives to the new conditions.

A particularly large adjustment is needed for pupils all across this country, who for the time being are unable to attend school, and continue their education from home. This is not easy, either for parents or for pupils themselves. As an educational establishment Chengdu Westminster School is particularly concerned about pupils development, both academically and personally, and hope that they can remain positive in their attitude to learning.

Although Chengdu Westminster School is not yet formally open, as a team of passionate educators they still have an urge and responsibility to provide educational content that supports children and parents during this unusual time.

Whilst parents can support students with subject knowledge and self-study, it is particularly tough to create an English environment at home. As an International, bilingual school with native speaker teachers on board, this is where Chengdu Westminster School can lend a hand. From February the 3rd, Chengdu Westminster School will be providing free podcasts through their WeChat official account, giving the chance to children all across China to learn about Greek Mythology, by tuning into one key story every week. The content due to its content and vocabulary is recommended to pupils aged 8 upwards, but Chengdu Westminster School invite younger students or parents to take up the challenge, and give it a go!

Chengdu Westminster School hope that this series adds something to the daily lives of families, and that we all continue to think of ways to bring support and positivity not just our families, but the wider community around us.

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Epic Greek Myths: Episode 1

The Gift of Fire, Zeus and Prometheus



This character with the green face might be familiar to some of our listeners, appearing in cartoon books and movies as a pretty scary villain. This green bodied monster who we know as ‘Frankenstein’ actually had a different name when he was created in the 1818 story written by Mary Shelley. This British writer called her book ‘Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus’, as she believed Prometheus was evil for disobeying Zeus and bringing fire to man. This is a very interesting idea, as many other famous writers and artists choose to show Prometheus as a brave hero, going against Zeus’s wishes to protect man.

What do you think? Was Prometheus a brave hero, or a foolish god?

Please click here to the WeChat post to listen the podcast episode.

词汇 Vocabulary:

Zeus – Ruler of the Gods

宙斯 – 诸神之神
Hera – Wife of Zeus, Goddess of Marriage and Birth

Epimetheus – Brother of Prometheus

厄庇墨透斯 – 普罗米修斯的弟弟
Mount Olympus – the highest mountain in Greece

奥林匹斯山 – 希腊最高的山

Peak (n.) –  高峰,山峰

Invisible (adj.) – 无形,隐形

Spiteful (adj.) –刻毒

Wicked (adj.) – 邪恶

Thunderbolt (n.) – 霹雳

Lump (n.) –块,团

Charcoal (n.) – 木炭

Grateful (adj.) – 感恩

Tear out (v.) – 撕掉

Liver (n.) – 肝脏



1. 普罗米修斯是如何创造人类的?

2. 为什么普罗米修斯要给人类火?

3. 宙斯是如何惩罚普罗米修斯的?

4. 你怎么看普罗米修斯给人类火的决定?他是勇敢还是愚蠢?

Give these questionns a go! We will publish the best answers to question four in week.


1.      How did Prometheus create man?

2.      Why did Prometheus want to give humans fire?

3.      How did Zeus punish Prometheus?

4.      What do you think of Prometheus’s decision to give man fire? Was he brave or foolish? (bonus question)