Member’s Promotion | Gleneagles Hospital

BritCham SW member – Gleneagles Hospital Chengdu has now launched the corporate membership program. Corporates can join the membership program for free. Gleneagles will work with you to develop your staff’s health management plan, promote the corporate’s performance by improving employees’ physical and mental health, and also provide health care related value-added services for the corporate’s customers, which help to improve customer loyalty.

中国西南英国商会会员企业 – 成都鹰阁医院现已推出企业会员服务,企业可免费加入鹰阁医院会员计划,鹰阁将与您共同制定员工的健康管理方案。通过改善员工的身心健康,提升公司业绩;或为企业的客户提供医疗健康相关的增值服务,帮助您的企业提升客户忠诚度。

Click to download the introduction of Gleneagles Hospital

Please kindly find a detailed introduction of the corporate health management program below.

If you wish to join the membership program, you can fill in the application form below and send it to Nikki Zhao (The Account Manager of Gleneagles Hospital) will contact you and customize the health management program according to the corporate’s needs.



For any further requirements, feel free to contact

Nikki 赵静雯 +86 150 01277091,。