Upcoming Event | BritCham Summer Drinks

Join us at the BritCham SW Summer Drinks on 1st July 2020! Meet and socialise with the newly elected executive committee of BritCham SW as well as other BritCham members and friends.  We look forward to seeing you all on this summer’s evening in theJing Bar at The Temple House.

请加入我们将于7月1日举办的英商会夏季酒会, 迎接今年商会最新选举的董事委员会成员,同时和商会各会员以及新老朋友共聚畅谈。7月1日,成都博舍酒店 – 井吧,我们期待在本次社交活动上与您相聚!

Event Details

 Time 时间 
6:30pm – 9:00pm
 Date 日期 
Wednesday 1st July
星期三 7月1日
Venue 地点 
Jing Bar,The Temple House

Tickets 门票 
Members 会员  ¥108
Non-Members 非会员  ¥138

The ticket includes two drinks


Refund is not acceptable at this event, please confirm your participation before registration to avoid unnecessary cost.

For any enquiries, please contact Mavis Yang via mavis.yang@britchamswchina.org or call 8618381687332.
如有任何咨询,请联系 Mavis Yang, mavis.yang@britchamswchina.org 或者致电 8618381687332。