Member’s Promotion | Eddic Training Centre – How to hold high-quality online meetings 如何开出高质量的线上会议

大量无效的会议正在浪费企业的时间、金钱乃至发展机会。如何让在线会议效果不打折?其实只要用对方式,在线会议也可轻松搞定! 英商会会员企业 – 易迪思(中国)培训中心为您带来线上课程

A lot of ineffective meetings are wasting the time, money, and even development opportunities of enterprises. How to make an online meeting effectively? You can make it as long as you get. Check the details of the vocation traning course from BritCham SW member – Eddic Traning Center (China).



  •  “作为主持人,你每每发起提问,就换来电话那头的一片沉默”
  • “电话里七嘴八舌,抓不住重点,做不了决策”
  • “无法确定屏幕背后的成员是在听还是忙于手头其他工作”
  • “等到开始执行,才发现会上信息并没有被完全理解”

Training background

The online meeting has become one kind of meeting forms that can’t or can’t be missed for remote working. However, it’s not easy to hold a successful online meeting which lack of face-to-face communication and the limited by technology challenges. We usually face difficult situations as follow:

  • “After asking a question, you only get silence on the other end of the phone”
  • “There are so many things that you can’t grasp the key points and make decisions”
  • “I’m not sure if the person behind the screen is listening or busy with other tasks.”
  • “The information shared on the meeting was founded not be fully understood until implementation started”



  1. 理解在线会议的三大独特困境,有的放矢地进行攻克
  2. 带走多套高质量在线会议的实用流程、工具和技巧
  3. 能够灵活运用所学策略,规划拓展出最适合自己的线上会议

Training Benefits

In this training, you will learn how to hold high-quality online meetings through online platform:

  1. Understand the three unique dilemmas of online meetings and solve them with specific solutions
  2. Learn multiple sets of practical processes, tools, and skills of high-quality online meetings
  3. Use the strategies learned flexibly, plan and expand the most suitable online meeting for your side



Who should attend

People who need to organize or host online meetings, such as team managers, project managers, cross-departmental communication coordinators, etc.


  • 线上会议的三大独特困境:技术实现度/参与者投入度/沟通有效度
  • 线上会议困境应对策略——技术实现度
    • 线上会议的产出与参与水平影响因素
    • 选择虚拟会议平台功能的策略


  • 线上会议挑战应对策略——参与者投入度
    • 影响线上会议投入度的两大要素
    • 营造高投入场域的三大工具
      • 主题连接工具
      • 参与者连接工具
      • 团队连接工具
    • 常见场域干扰状况的处理应对
      • 预防/干预措施:例如时间压力、跑题、“麻烦人物”等


  • 线上会议困境应对策略——沟通有效度
    • “声”动会议,促进研讨有序性
      • 会议研讨中的互动指令技巧
      • 如何设置会议进度核查点
    • 在线会议可用的高效研讨框架,促进决策和共识
      • 在线会议研讨的设计要点
      • 促进高效研讨工具和虚拟平台实现方式


  • 承诺和行动计划

Training Outline

  • Three unique dilemmas of online meetings: technology realization/ participants’ engagement/communication effectiveness
  • Online meeting dilemma response strategy – technology realization degree
    • Factors influencing the output and participation level of online meetings
    • Strategies for selecting the functions of the virtual conference platform
  • Online meeting challenge response strategy – participant engagement
    • Two factors that affect engagement in online meetings
    • Three tools to create a high input field
      • Theme connection tool
      • Participant connection tool
      • Team connection tool
    • Handling of common field interference conditions
      • Prevention / intervention measures: How to face time pressure, digression, “troublesome person”, etc
  • Online meeting dilemma coping strategies — communication effectiveness
    • How to promote the orderly discussion
      • Mutual instruction skills in the conference discussion
      • How to set up meeting progress verification points
    • An efficient discussion framework for online meetings to facilitate decision-making and consensus
      • Design points of online conference discussion
      • Promote the implementation of efficient research tools and virtual platforms
  • Commitment and action plan

培训师简介——夏雯君 Jane Xia

  • 欧洲知名企业13年的人力资源管理经验
  • 英国管理公会认证CIPMT国际职业培训师
  • 美国BobPike国际版权课程创新培训技术认证讲师
  • ICF国际教练联合会认证NLP教练
  • 敏捷学习(Agile Learning)方法论提出人
  • 13 years of human resource management experience in leading European companies
  • CIPMT International Vocational trainer certified by British Management Association
  • Technical certification lecturer of BobPike international copyright course
  • ICF certified NLP coach
  • Agile learning methodology proponent

Course Details:

时间: 7月2日2:30-6:00

Time: 2:30-6:00, June 24th


Non-Members: 1050 RMB;Members: 900 RMB*

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