Chongqing International Consumer City – UK and Ireland “shop window” pavilion

In the first two weeks of this August, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Municipal Government of Chongqing will hold four days of events marking the launch of the “Chongqing, Consumer City” project, based mainly in and around Jiefangbei. This huge national government-led project aims to transform Chongqing into a major inland retail and consumer hub, with opportunities not just for major multinational brands, but also boutique and niche brands across the consumer goods spectrum.
The event is co-organised by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, and is expected to attract a wide range of key decision makers, especially in retail and tourism. To capitalise on this, CCS is aiming to create a British “shop-floor” style pavilion , with a focus on showcasing UK products to retail buyers and UK tourism to tourism industry professionals as well as the general public.
If you are interested in joining the pavilion, please contact Alex Middleton as soon as possible for further details – Wechat / tel +86 185 8042 9125 /