How to Apply: The British Business Awards 2020

Established in 2008 and now in its twelfth year, the biennial British Business Awards (BBA) recognises and promotes excellence in innovationenterprise, and endeavour. The Awards are a fantastic opportunity for British businesses and Chinese businesses with UK links to share your great success stories. 

Consisting of ten categories in 2020, the Awards showcase a number of organisations and individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to trade and investment in China. 


BBA 2020 Award Categories | 奖项类别:

(Click the links below for more details about each award 点击链接了解更多单个奖项详情)

Innovation Award | 年度创新奖

Sustainability Award | 年度可持续发展奖 

Education Institutional Partnership of the Year Award | 年度教育合作项目奖

Entrepreneur of the Year Award | 年度创业者奖

Chinese Investor in the UK Award | 年度中国投资者奖

British Exporter of the Year Award | 年度英国出口商奖*

Leadership Award | 年度领导力奖*

Best Employer Award | 年度最佳雇主奖*

Best Services Award | 年度最佳服务奖

British Company of the Year Award | 年度英国企业奖

*New category in 2020 | 2020年新设奖项

FAQs | 常见问题

Who can enter? 哪些公司和个人可以申请?

The British Business Awards are open to all qualified companies and individuals (eligibilities vary by different award categories). You DON’T need to be a member of the chamber to apply.

To enter the Innovation, Sustainability, British Exporter of the Year, Best Employer, Best Services and British Company of the Year awards, you have to be:

  • A British-owned company or organisation operating in China
  • A company or organisation operating in China that the general public and/or business community would perceive as being “British”

To enter the Education Institutional Partnership of the Year Award, you have to be:

  • A UK higher and further education institutions that are listed on the UKVI Register of Licensed Sponsors (Tier 4)
  • Partnerships must have started no earlier than 2015
  • Nominations must be endorsed by a Vice-Chancellor or College

To enter the Chinese Investor of the Year Award, you have to be a Chinese company headquartered in China with a presence in the UK.

To enter the Leadership Award, you have to be a leader of a UK business or a British passport holder working in either a Chinese or foreign company.

To enter the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, you have to be a British passport holder.



  • 在中国大陆运营的英国公司或者组织
  • 在中国大陆运营并被公众或者商业社会普遍认可为英国公司/组织


  • 获得英国签证与移民局认可(UKVI Tier 4)
  • 与中方的合作伙伴关系建立不早于2015年
  • 报名必须得到该机构实际主持学校日常工作的校长的支持




Do I need to pay to enter the Awards? 申请是否需要缴费?

There is no charge to apply for the awards.


How can I enter the Awards? 如何申请?

The British Business Awards accept online entries only. Click on the “Enter the Awards” button on the BBA website (, register an account, complete company profile and then you can select the category you wish to enter and complete the online application form.

The applicant can save the application as a draft until he/she is happy with the answers. Once submitted as final, the application cannot be altered. The closing date for submissions is 31 July 2020.

英国商业大奖仅接受在线申请。击大奖官方网站 ( 上“Enter the Awards”按钮,注册账号,填写公司信息,继而即可选择奖项类别并填写在线申请表。正式提交前可以暂存草稿,一经提交,不可修改。申请截止日期为2020年7月31日。

Can I enter more than one award category? 是否可以申请多个奖项类别?

Yes. 可以。

Can I enter more than one project, product or service for a single award? 是否可以以多个项目、产品或者服务申请同一个奖项?

Yes. Each entry must be made separately by an authorised person.


I/our organisation entered in previous BBAs; can we enter in 2020?  我/我们公司曾申请过前几届英国商业大奖,是否还能参加2020年度评选?

Yes. There is no limitation on the number of years in which an individual or organisation is entered for an award. 


For more FAQs please visit here or contact directly. 


Key Dates | 重要日期

  • 27 May: Official Website Launch & Online Applications Open | 官网启用,在线申请开放
  • 11 June: Official Launch Event | 大奖正式启动
  • 31 July: Applications Close | 在线申请截止
  • 3 September: Finalists Announcement | 各奖项入围者揭晓
  • 29 October: Awards Gala Dinner* | 颁奖典礼

*Sponsorship opportunities are available for the Gala Dinner. Please contact / for more details.

欲了解颁奖典礼的赞助机会,请联系 / 。

For more please visit the BBA official site here.