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About H·T·D

H·T·D International Education Group originated in the UK and integrates British high-quality education with an international philosophy of education and Chinese culture to build premiun international early years education organisations.

H·T·D (UK) plays a central role in education management, works in partnership with many British education organisations, introduces experts on British-style education and excellent teachers to China, and provides a platform for early years education providers of China and the UK to communicate. H·T·D (China), headquartered in Beijing takes the lead in bringing UK EYFS to the Chinese market and focuses on British education for children aged between 0 and 6.

As a member of BritCham, H·T·D works in partnership with many educational institutions. H·T·D introduces leading education resources to China, offers high-quality guidance and service to children and aims to stimulate early years education within China improving it in a healthy, scientific and sustainable way.



海汀顿(中国)总部位于北京,率先引入全球权威的婴幼儿教育体系之一——英国早期教育体系(The Early Years Foundation Stage , EYFS),专注0-6岁儿童英式精英教育。



H·T·D (China) whilst headquartered in Beijing covers seven regions. H·T·D plans to have 30 premium projects within three years, and is making preparations for setting up model campuses in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities. There will also be projects in and around Chongqing, Chengdu, Hebei, and other cities/provinces. HTD opened more than 10 schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and Hebei by the end of 2019, attracting attention and support from local governments, education commissions and institutions. H·T·D continues to develop its strategy, integrating resources in the field of education. In addition to parent-child and pre-school education, H·T·D focuses on new areas, such as home education and development service for children and their families.





Authoritative Expert Team

Fan Peifen 范佩芬

Chief Academic Director(China) of HTD International Education Group 
Vice president of CMEA
AMS-credentialed teacher
A pioneer in implementing Montessori in China
One of the first batch of Chinese Montessori educators trained in Washington

海汀顿国际教育集团 中方首席教学总监

Yang Xuezhu 杨雪竹

Deputy General Manager of HTD International Education Group
Worked in education for 32 years,
Previously served as Principal for Sanse Education Group,
Principal for Dadikid Education Group,
Deputy GM of Singapore ChildFirst Group,
West China operation Director of Singapore ChildFirst Group,
Experienced in management, operations, and team building.

海汀顿国际教育集团 副总经理

Yu Jing 余静

Education and Training Director of HTD International Education Group
Former Principal of Kindergarten attached to Southwest University
Principal of Yew Wah International Kindergarten
Education and Training Director of ChildFirst Education Group
Keynote speaker of WPC (World Principal Conference)

海汀顿教育集团 培训总监

School-running Model

🔹International Kindergarten

H·T·D International Kindergarten follows UK EYFS and embraces small-class-based model. The area of Montessori teaching toys is arranged according to the international standard. All foreign teachers are English native speakers and responsible for the class they teach. They also work on teaching research with Chinese teachers. The thematic courses are supervised and directed by H·T·D’ s teaching research team.

🔹Children’s House

H·T·D has a bilingual kindergarten chain which follows UK EYFS, hires full-time foreign teachers to create a high-quality environment for bilingual education and makes more children to enjoy excellent education services and learning.

🔹International Kid’s Academy

H·T·D Children’s House is a new comprehensive education entity which runs under UK EYFS. All foreign teachers are professional and involve themselves in diverse courses, such as arts, language and critical thinking, which are designed to meet the needs of children’s learning and development.

🔹International Baby Nursing Centre

Baby Leo International Baby Nursing Centre adopts different stages in months of care and love for babies. By implementing the Early Years Foundation System (EYFS), we ensure that the highest level of care and education is achieved.  We provide delicate nursing, healthy diet and diversified curriculum.







海汀顿国际幼儿学府是海汀顿国际教育集团开创的新型教育综合实体,采用英国EYFS教育体系,配置专业外籍教师,开设艺术、语言、感统、思维、亲子等多元化课程,以满足 幼儿更丰富的学习与成长体验需求

🔹Baby Leo国际托婴中心

Baby Leo国际托婴中心隶属海汀顿国际教育集团,中心采用月龄细分-分段托育模式,以世界最权威的婴幼儿教育标准之一 “英国早期基础教育纲要(EYFS)”为依据,贴合0-3岁宝宝成长发展指标,通过细致护理、科学喂养、多元化课程,为Baby创造卓越的成长空间和教育环境。

In future, HTD international education will continue to intensify the layout and development in China, integration of industry resources, deepening nursery and kindergarten education services and other core business at the same time. Also, the “HTD research institute” will be established, actively expanding family education services, parent-child education, teacher training, management, service output products etc. Contributing to the development of preschool education in China, living up to parents’ trust and children’s growth.


Staying true to the original intention of doing a good job in the complicated children’s education market

HTD international education agrees with and advocates that:Kindergarten is not a fierce arena, but a safe playground. HTD’s educational philosophy is “Children Oriented” and “To Give Children the Best”. Respect the physical and mental development of children from 0 to 6 years old and love every child. Whether employing foreign experts and industry elites, or building A-level kitchen and nutritionist teams, we treat children professionally and attentively. “To Give Children the Best” is not only a philosophy, but also a mission.