University of Nottingham Ningbo China Online Professional Development Qualifications

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the status of Professional Development Qualification (PDQ) Center. This means that UNNC is now licensed by Cambridge International to deliver PDQs courses, and in fact is the first PDQ center in East Asia to be approved todeliver PDQs wholly online. 


The University of Nottingham Ningbo China has started enrollment for two PDQs certified courses which will start in October 2020 and March 2021:

宁波诺丁汉大学已开放两门剑桥国际认证的专业证书课程 (课程开始时间分别为2020年10月以及2021年3月):

  1. Certificate in Teaching and Learning   教学证书
  2. Certificate in Educational Leadership   教育领导力证书

For more than a decade UNNC has been delivering world class teacher training and consultancy for schools in China, and is now collaborating with Cambridge International to deliver certificate level programmes for in-service teachers and school leaders. UNNC PDQs have been purposely designed to further UNNC’s strategy of civic engagement, positive societal impact and knowledge exchange with China.  


What are Cambridge PDQs? 什么是剑桥国际教师专业发展认证课程?

Cambridge PDQs are qualifications designed to help support and recognise teachers who engage in continuous professional development throughout their careers. PDQs are based on research evidence about the kinds of professional development that have real impact and value.


Cambridge PDQs help practising teachers and educational leaders to:


  • ‣Engage critically with relevant educational thinking and international best practices 批判性运用相关教育思维及国际最佳教学实践
  • Apply new ideas and approaches in their own practice 将新的理念和方法融合到自身的实践和环境中
  • Reflect on and share experiences and outcomes to plan further development 分享及反思教学经验成果
  • Improve the quality of their students’ learning 提高学生学习质量

Cambridge PDQs help schools to:


  • Access quality accredited professional development programmes that are cost effective and meet individual and school needs 获得经权威认证的专业发展课程,成本效益高,满足个人及学校需求
  • Establish and nurture school-based  professional learning communities 建立和培育以学校为基础的专业学习社区
  • Ensure that professional development is planned, experienced and evaluated as an integral part of school development 确保专业发展作为学校发展的一个组成部分,是有计划的、有经验、可评估的
A PDQ certificate course requires teachers to undertake 150 hours of learning over 4 months which are divided in the following way:

◉Guided learning
   e.g. workshops, seminars and tutorials (50 hours)
◉Individual study and collaborative learning:
   e.g. reading, research and discussion(50 hours)
◉School-based learning:
 e.g.applying new ideas and approaches in practice and reflecting on experience. (50 hours)

UNNC online PDQs will be held twice a year.


Start Date
Monday,12 October,2020
End Date
Friday,8 January,2021
Cohort 1 一期课程

Start Date
(* subject to change
Monday,1 March,2021
End Date
Friday,28 May,2021
Cohort 2 二期课程

Which teachers can take UNNC’s PDQ course? 剑桥国际教师专业发展认证课程适合哪些教师?

Cambridge PDQs are for in-service teachers and education leaders. The qualifications are relevant to all general education teaching and learning contexts. The UNNC course is designed to meet the professional development needs of teachers, both foreign and local, regardless of whether they teach in an international school, a bilingual school, or a state school.


What are the advantages of studying for a PDQ at UNNC? 为什么选择在宁波诺丁汉大学学习剑桥国际教师专业发展认证课程

UNNC’s PDQ programmes are unique in several ways. Firstly they are the first PDQ programmes to be approved to be delivered entirely online, which allows teachers across China to engage in professional development on a part-time basis without compromising their professional lives. 


Tuition fees  学费

◉ Full Price (Per certificate): 12,000RMB

◉2020 Early-Bird Price (Per certificate: payment before September 1st) 11,200RMB

◉Cohort Price (minimum of 3 teachers enrolled on one certificate programme): 10,500RMB
(*Please kindly note that the registration deadline of Cohort 1 is 18 September 2020.  一期课程报名截止日期为2020年9月18日)

Contact UNNC  联系宁波诺丁汉大学
Hotline电话: +86(0)574 8818 0016

In addition 此外,课程还具备以下优势:

  • All enrolled teachers can access UNNC’s world class online library resources.
  • All sessions are delivered by UNNC expert trainers and academics.
  • Schools do not need to invest significant time and money in establishing themselves as a PDQ centre, and their staff can interact with contemporaries at other schools.
  • UNNC will provide support and training for schools on how to develop and mentor their PDQ candidates.
  • Successful trainees will be issued with a Cambridge certificate as well as an authenticated UNNC certificate of completion.
  • 所有报名课程的教师均可在宁诺访问世界一流的在线图书馆资源
  • 所有课程均由宁诺专业培训教师及学者讲授
  • 学校无需投入大量时间和预算建立自己的专业发展中心。教师可以与来自其他学校的同行分享进行交流
  • 宁诺将为学校提供相关培训,以更好地指导参与课程的教师通过考核
  • 通过课程的学员将同时获得剑桥证书和宁诺认证结业证书