Finalists of the British Business Awards 2020 | 2020英国商业大奖入围名单

Finalists of the British Business Awards 2020 was announced at Jing An Shangri-La, West Shanghai yesterday on 3 September.  From an extensive list of exceptional candidates, 42 exemplary businesses and individuals were shortlisted and applauded for their excellent work demonstrating the spirit of innovation, enterprise and endeavour.  



Ray Chisnall, Chairman of the British Business Awards 2020, said,

The Awards are a joint effort by the British business community in China.  We have seen in total 146 applications and many spectacular entries from a vast range of industries this year. It is a great testimony to the broad range of sectors in which British business is successfully operating in China and exporting to China, which proofs that British business in China continues to go from strength to strength.

2020年度英国商业大奖主席薛思瑞(Ray Chisnall)先生


We are also delighted to see a doubled number of applications for the Chinese Investor in the UK category. All great companies strive to grow and succeed and contribute to strengthening UK-China business relations.

Chris Wood, British Consul-General in Shanghai, said,

It’s a great pleasure to be here and to see a packed room here this evening, which I think is an excellent reflection of the importance of the British Business Awards.

Chinese economy is recovering well, and for businesses here in China, it is also going extremely well. After a challenging few months, it is a great time to celebrate the best of British and Chinese companies, of British and Chinese trade. I would like to congratulate all the nominees and I very much look forward to celebrating and hearing about the winners in October.

英国驻沪总领事胡克定(Chris Wood)先生



Innovation Award 年度创新奖 (Sponsored by bp | 由bp赞助)

AstraZeneca 阿斯利康

Crowcon Detection Instruments Limited 北京科尔康安全设备制造有限公司

Jaguar Land Rover 捷豹路虎

Modern Water 现代水务

Morgan Advanced Materials 摩根先进材料

Sustainability Award 年度可持续发展奖 (Sponsored by Houghton Street Consulting)



Halma 英国豪迈集团

Modern Water 现代水务

SpiraxSarco Engineering (China) Ltd. 斯派莎克

Unilever China 联合利华中国

Education Institutional Partnership of the Year Award 年度教育合作项目奖

King’s College London 伦敦国王学院

Liverpool John Moores University 利物浦约翰摩尔大学

Queen Mary University of London 伦敦玛丽女王大学

Queen’s University Belfast 贝尔法斯特女王大学

University of Liverpool 利物浦大学

Entrepreneur of the Year Award 年度创业者奖 (Sponsored by The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai 由上海英国商会赞助)

Penny Burgess – WE Red Bridge 万卓睿桥公关

Rupert Hoogewerf – Hurun Report 胡润百富

Theodore O’Mahony – KANVID

Malcolm Staff – Halifax Fan Group 哈利法克斯风机

William Vanbergen – BE Education 必益教育

Chinese Investor in the UK Award 年度中国投资者奖

Bank of China 中国银行

China CITIC Bank Corporation Limited 中信银行

China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation 中再集团 Group 携程集团

TusPark Holdings (UK) Limited 启迪英国

British Exporter of the Year Award  年度英国出⼝商奖 (Sponsored by China-Britain Business Council 由英中贸易协会赞助)


Peak Scientific Instruments Limited 毕克气体

Renishaw (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd 雷尼绍

Samarkand Global


Leadership Award 年度领导⼒奖 (Sponsored by The University of Manchester China Centre 由英国曼彻斯特⼤学中国中⼼赞助)

Ornella Barra – Chief Operating Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance 沃博联

Penny Burgess – CEO, WE Red Bridge 万卓睿桥公关

Rui Ding – Managing Director, Oxford University Press (Shanghai) Ltd. 牛津大学出版社

Thomas Murphy – Chief Financial and Planning Officer, University of Nottingham Ningbo China 宁波诺丁汉大学

Barry Piper – General Manager Asia, Cooper Turner Beck 库柏特纳集团

Best Employer Award 年度最佳雇主奖 (Sponsored by Smith+Nephew 由施乐辉赞助)

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi 上海德威外籍人员子女学校(浦西)

Smiths Group 史密斯集团

SpiraxSarco Engineering (China) Ltd. 斯派莎克

The Happy Monk

The Hutong

Best Services Award 年度最佳服务奖Sponsored by KPMG China 由毕马威中国赞助)

Ince 英士律师事务所

Pagoda Projects Ltd.

Smiths Group 史密斯集团

The Hutong

Walgreens Boots Alliance 沃博联

Wood 伍德

*Two companies tied for fifth place. 其中有两家公司并列第五。

British Company of the Year Award 年度英国企业奖 (Sponsored by SpiraxSarco 由斯派莎克赞助)

C2W Group 珠海中西电子科技有限公司

Halma 英国豪迈集团

Smiths Group 史密斯集团

Walgreens Boots Alliance 沃博联

Wood 伍德

The winners of this year’s awards will be announced at a Gala Awards Dinner in Shanghai on 29 October. Early-bird booking opens now.