Event Review | Chengdu Autumn InterChamber Mixer 05/11

On Thursday the 5th of November, the Chengdu Autumn InterChamber Mixer was held at The Temple House. This event was co-organised by British Chamber, AmCham, AustCham, European Chamber, German Chamber, Italian Chamber, CCI France Chine and Hong Kong Chamber.

11月5日(星期四),成都秋季跨商会联合酒会活动在成都博舍酒店举行。该活动由英国商会、美国商会、澳大利亚商会, 欧盟商会、德国商会、意大利商会、CCI法国分会和香港商会共同举办。

The event was intended for members of different chambers to expand their network, get to know people from different chambers and meet up with old friends. The venue, The Temple House, provided a warm and beautiful environment and great food to enjoy the night. 


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Special thanks to our member The Temple House for hosting us!

A huge thank you to our beer sponsor!!

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