Celebrating the Women that #ChooseToChallenge

Each year that passes, where women remain unequal in the workplace, or in wider society – means another year the global British Business Community pledges to make time, on Women’s Day, and throughout March to celebrate female role models in our community, raise awareness against bias,  and highlight where we can take action to forge a gender balanced world.


2020 was undoubtedly a challenging year for many people globally, but Covid-19 caused 


Women comprise the majority of health and social care workers, and are on the front lines of the fight against

Mass school closures have particularly affected women because they still bear much of the responsibility for childcare

Women already do three-times as much unpaid care work than men – and caring for relatives with the virus adds to the burden.

Female unemployment because of Covid-19 has risen faster than men, firstly because female employment sectors such as retail, and tourism (women account for 74% of employment in high-contact occupations.) and secondly because of school closures, and many more female sole-carers for children forced women out of the work place.
在新冠疫情的影响下女性失业率增长速度比男性快,首先女性工作者占零售及旅游业等此类密切接触行业工作者的74%, 其次学校的关闭使得大量独自照顾子女的女性不得不离开职场。 

Source: This Time It’s Different: The Role of Women’s Employment in a Pandemic Recession.” By Titan Alon, Matthias Doepke, Jane Olmstead-Rumsey, and Michèle Tertit. NBER Working Paper No. 27660, August 2020.

And whilst the effects of Covid-19 on progress towards a gender equality won’t be fully calculable for some time, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China, and the Chengdu Women in Business Network have partnered to run a campaign throughout March, to make sure we look inward at our own organisations, and raise awareness of the 6 International Global Woman’s Day missions:


1.Forge women’s empowerment worldwide 打造全球女性赋权

On 8th of March, at Crown Plaza Jianfang Bei in we had the celebration of the women who forge female empowerment globally. More than 50 attendees joined us and gained a truly international perspective as Consul Generals from The Netherlands, The UK, and Uruguay, together with community leaders shared valuable insights.

2. Celebrate tech women and innovation  颂扬科技&创新型女性

We will share with you some of the most innovative women in Tech in South West China, and why you need to know their names. They will be from the British Chamber of Commerce, and wider Women in Business Communities.

3.Educate women on health choice decisions 女性健康选择决策指导

Meet the women that are changing the conversation about female-health in China. From period poverty, to the lack of investment in Fem-Tech, and more, don’t miss this conversation with these change-makers.

4.Increase visibility of women creatives 提高女性创意者的知名度

We will discuss why there so few women in prominent roles within the creative, marketing and advertising industry when women make up to 85% of all purchasing decisions? In 2020, women reportedly made up only 11% of creative directors worldwide. This is familiar pattern over all creative industries.


Join us as we celebrate our home grown female creative talent in the South West.


5.Applaud equality for women in sport 为体育运动中的性别平等鼓掌

A new report from Women in Sport has found that 40 per cent of women working in the sports industry say they experience discrimination because of their sex. We want to celebrate the women that are pushing for change in the industry.


6.Build inclusive workplaces so women thrive 为女性良好的发展建立更具包容性的职场

To wrap up the #March4Women campaign we will celebrate Thursday April 1st in Chengdu with a hands on workshop on how to help women thrive in your organization. More details to follow.

我们将在4月1日(周四)在成都举办一个关于如何帮助女性在其公司茁壮成长的实践研讨会为结束#March4Women 运动画上圆满的句号。


If you want to get involved with #March4Women, get in touch with either Mavis on WeChat ID: mmMavis926 (中文) or Harriet on WeChat ID: 15198069300 (English).

Let’s all challenge for change this International Women’s day.