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  • Tianfu International Airport Opens in Chengdu
The long-awaited Chengdu Tianfu International Airport officially opened on the 27th of June, making Chengdu the third city in the country to house two international airports. Its inaugural flight took off at 11:10 AM bound for Beijing. Constructed at a cost of 70 billion RMB, phase one of the massive aviation hub has the capacity to handle up to 60 million passengers per year. With Chengdu and wider Sichuan being a popular domestic tourist destination, Shuangliu was the 4th busiest airport Chinese airport in 2020, the new airport should still see plenty of use. More about the new airport here       
  • Sichuan-Tibet Railway Technological Innovation Centre Unveiled in Chengdu | 国家川藏铁路技术创新中心揭牌
The National Sichuan-Tibet Railway Technology Innovation Centre was inaugurated in Chengdu on May 23. The centre will establish R&D bases in Chengdu, Sichuan and Nyingchi, Tibet to build a technological innovation platform focusing on the project construction, environmental protection, disaster prevention & relief, equipment development, and operation management of the Sichuan-Tibet railway. Major scientific and technological research and technical solution demonstrations will be carried out, and a whole chain service system including big data intelligent support, inspection and testing, consulting, and training will also be developed. More can be read at: Global Times
 5 月 23 日,国家川藏铁路技术创新中心在成都揭牌。重点围绕川藏铁路工程建设、环境保护、灾害防护、装备研制、运营管理等任务,搭建技术创新平台,组织开展重 大科技攻关和技术方案论证,构建大数据智能支持、检验检测和咨询培训等全链条服 务体系。中心将在四川成都和西藏林芝布局建设研发基地。    
  • Permanent Population of Chengdu Exceeds 20 Million | 成都市常住人口突破 2000 万
  • 25 Projects Worth 30 Billion RMB Signed by Jintang County | 总投资 309.09 亿元 成都再签 25 个重大项目
  • Chengdu and CHD Sign Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation 成都市与中国华电集团签署战略合作框架协议
  • Mayor Wang Fengchao Promotes Investment Projects in Shanghai and Suzhou | 王凤朝市长赴上海苏州开展投资促进活动
  • China Entrepreneurs Development Annual Conference Convened in Chengdu for the First Time | 中国企业家发展年会首次落地成都
  • Shudao Investment Group Incorporated in Chengdu | 蜀道投资集团公司在蓉揭牌成立
  • Over 600 Projects Signed and Settled in Sichuan Province | 2020 中外知名企业四川行投资推介会暨项目合作协议签署仪式举行
  • Cryptocurrency-Mining Facility Closures Spread to Sichuan
  • Chongqing Continues to Post Robust Economic Growth Figures  
  • Two Large Hydropower Stations Begin Producing Their First Units of Electricity
  • Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing receives 92.5 Billion RMB in Investments
  • 2021 Big Data Expo Held in Guiyang, Guizhou

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Main Source: Sichuan Daily, Chengdu Daily

Additional Sources: China Daily, Global Times, Xinhua news, Venture Education, CNN Travel, FitchRatings