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Job Description 职位信息

舍监助理     Assistant Housem

Line  Manager: Head of Boarding. 
Commencement of post: August 2021 

Job Purpose: Reporting to the Housem, will provide support to Housems on pastoral care, manage parents’ communication related with boarding; manage day-to-day activities such as morning and evening roll-call, giving out and taking in electronic  devices; organise and support boarding activities including weekend trips when  needed; and provide a personal link with the house for parents and academic staff.  

Key responsibility / Accountability 

Core Duties and Responsibilities (shared with all house staff)

• To be aware of the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools,  School policies and procedures, and School and house aims and objectives. 

 • To create an environment in the boarding house that is conducive to study  and relaxation.  

• To build and maintain positive and constructive relationships with  students, in order to provide them with the best possible care and support.  

• To play an active role in ensuring the students welfare and personal  development.  

• To ensure the safety of students and staff by maintaining accurate records,  dealing appropriately with hazards, and reporting any problems.  

• To build and maintain strong relationships with parents and guardians.  

• To liaise effectively and professionally with other staff in school.  

• To organise and run weekend activities for students in the house that  complement the School weekends programme.  

• To promote and safeguard the welfare of children and young persons by  adhering to and ensuring compliance with the School’s Safeguarding and  Child Protection Policy at all times. (If in the course of carrying out the  duties of the post, the post holder becomes aware of any actual or potential  risks to the safety or welfare of children in the School, s/he must report any  concerns to the School’s Designated Person as soon as possible and, in any  event well within 24 hours.) 

• To promote good relations between the school and the general public,  particularly with present and prospective parents and the local community.  

• To undertake ongoing professional development by attending INSET  sessions in School.  

• In general, assistant Housems are responsible for the effective supervision  of the students in their care at all times.  

Main Duties and Responsibilities (specific to the role)  

• To be resident within the house at all times during term time (excluding off  duty time) and to report to the Housem. for the general welfare and personal  development of all the boarders in the house. 

• Support Housem. to ensure that the individual circumstances, needs,  strengths and weaknesses of each student in the house are identified and  known by staff as needed, so that individual opportunities, talents and  potential are developed and maximised.  

• Assist Housem. to liaise effectively with the appropriate Co-tutors and  teaching staff to ensure that relevant background circumstances of students  are known and discussed.  

• Support Housems. to ensure that accurate and up to date records of students’  progress, welfare, health, emotional development, achievements and  behaviour are kept; to provide termly reports and other such reports and  references as may reasonably be required.  

• Assist HsMs to ensure that the conditions and supervision of evening prep  is conducive to effective academic progress.   Assistant Housem. should attend relevant meetings such as Houses Meetings,  Boarding Meetings, Parents meetings, Staff Meetings and other School functions  including assemblies.  

Disciplinary matters:  

• To apply the school’s Behaviour Management Policy. A fair system of  justice must operate within a House which is in line with the school rules  and other Houses. Assist Housem. to foster an acceptance of the code of  conduct of the House and School, and Housems & Assistant Housems  must keep the School Counsellor and Deputy Head (Pastoral) informed in any cases of bullying, substance misuse and sexual misconduct. 

• Support the Housem to ascertain where students are going at weekends,  Exeats, Leave Outs and end of term and lists must be given to the  Headmaster. 

• Support the Housems/Tutors to liaise with parents and guardians over any  overnight leave. This will only be allowed if the request is made in writing  (letter or email) 

House Support Work:

• Assistant Housems must work with Housems to check, as far as practical,  on internal conditions in the House, to ensure student safety; e.g. bare  wires, loose carpets. Report any issues to the Housems and Support  Department, and ensure satisfactory fix of the issues promptly.

• Assist Housems to agree with the Support Department on a priority list of  work and if Housems feel work should be prioritised earlier they should  speak to the Support Department. 

Domestic staff: 

• Like the Housems, Assistant Housems should nurture good working  relations with Domestic staff and ascertain from them any problems  regarding student tidiness, cleanliness or manners. 

• Assistant Housems should liaise with the relevant staff to ensure that  students’ clothes and personal belongings are used appropriately and stored  securely and tidily. They must also ensure that students treat the belongings of others and the fabric and furnishings of the House with  respect. 

Parental contact: 

• Boarders’ parents should be consulted whenever possible regarding minor  illness, emotional stress, or a change of academic course. Students’  parents should also be notified over major disciplinary concerns.  

• Manage parents communication related to boarding, assist Housems to communicate regularly with parents/guardians. 

• Assist Housems to write a House Report on each student as requested 

• Duty House staff take responsibility for supervision at the evening meal  from 5.45pm.  

• Deputize Housems whenever needed, such as on Housems’ one day off per  week.

• “Evenings off” are not necessarily free – Housemastering is often required  whilst a tutor is looking after the House

• Assistant Housems must be present in the House at least 24 hours before  and after the end of each term  

• Assistant Housems are expected to be on duty on the Friday evenings before half terms

House Spirit:

• Support Housems to encourage pride in the House by supporting House  and School events.  

• Senior students should be encouraged to organise events themselves and  House social events should be organised.

• Students should be encouraged to foster a collective responsibility and to  be aware of difficulties and problems of others and to offer support and  help for each other as is appropriate.

Health and Safety: 

• Assist Housems to keep a regular, weekly, record of Health and Safety  items and ensure prompt responses to matters relating.

• Assist Housems on Fire Drills and House Safety; Fire drills must be held  twice termly, once with notice given.  

Medical Matters: 

• House staff are responsible for overseeing the health of students and to  encourage a healthy lifestyle.

• Minor ailments can be treated in the by the School Nurse. In case of  hospitalisation or students staying in the Medical Centre, very frequent  liaison between House staff and nursing staff is vital. Parents should be  informed by whoever it is agreed is appropriate.  

Responsibilities at the beginning and end of Terms:
To support the Housem. in the following:

• Have knowledge of all entering the House after the holidays

• Make sure all have read and understood the House Rules and Expectations. 

• Welcome all new boarders and show them their new room. 

• Be available at the beginning and ends of the terms 

• To foster a sense of house identity and spirit by encouraging active  participation by every student in house activities and competitions, and by  supporting such events as a figurehead for the house.

• To counsel students, at a time and place which is conducive to good  communication, concerning any emotional, academic, social or  behavioural problems they may have; to inform the Headmaster, Deputy  Head and School Counsellor if any referral to outside agencies is required;  to fulfil the requirements of the School’s policy on safeguarding children. 

• To deal appropriately with any emergencies/crises.    Support Housem. to prepare and assign each student to a dormitory  comprising of others of a similar age, and to disseminate the information to  all relevant parties. 

• Liaise with the School Pastoral and/or Academic Staff regarding any new  boarders or when matters that relate to the school life arise.

• Support the Housem. in ensuring that the house is prepared before the start  of term and to ensure that it is left in order after the end of term. This will  necessitate returning to School before the start of term and remaining after  the end of term as necessary. House staff are expected to remain in the  house until all pupils have been collected for the various holidays and  breaks.

 • To be available, as required, at specific times in the school holidays, such  as results’ and INSET days.  

• To perform any other key tasks which the Headmaster and Housem may reasonably assign.  

• Previous experience of boarding (preferable but not essential) 

• Able to work both independently and effectively as part of a team

• Confident and persuasive written and verbal communicator in both  English and Chinese 

• Excellent ICT skills  

• Able to relate to students, parents and colleagues with empathy and  sensitivity


The Assistant Housem. is expected to sleep in the house every night during term  time, other than during time off authorised by the Housem.


The post holder’s responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of  children and young persons for whom s/he is responsible, or with whom s/he comes  into contact will be to adhere to and ensure compliance with the School’s  Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Statement at all times. If in the course  of carrying out the duties of the post the post holder becomes aware of any actual or potential risks to the safety or welfare of children in the School s/he must report  any concerns to the School’s Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Criteria for Success

• Evidence of high standards of communication skills especially with  young people and parents

• Evidence of working successfully in a relevant school context

• Actively supporting the ethos of Malvern College Chengdu.  


岗位名称  舍监助理     Assistant Housem

所属部门  宿舍            House

直属上级  寄宿主任     Head of Housem




•    在遵守学校教学、安全等规章制度前提下执行岗位工作。 

•    协助舍监老师的德育关怀工作并在必要时代理舍监行使职权; 

•    在需要时组织和支持宿舍活动包括周末外出等; 

•    知晓国家对寄宿学校的基本标准要求,知晓我校的政策、流程,以及学校和宿舍的目标和任务;

•    在宿舍创造有益于学习和放松的氛围; 

•    打造并维系与学生积极和有益的关系,以更好地给学生提供最好的关怀和帮助; 

•    积极推动学生福利和性格发展;

•    需随时保持准确的记录、并做到恰当地处理危险、及时的汇报问题以确保学生和宿舍 员工的安全,与学生 的家长和监护人建立稳固的关系; 

•    组织并安排学生的周末活动以更好地完善学校的周末活动项目; 

•    通过参加学校的入职培训以促进自我的持续与专业的发展,助理舍监在任何时候需对学生的德育方面进行有效的监管; 

•    任何时候需在坚守并维护我校儿童保护政策的前提下促进儿童和青少年的福利;

•    若在行使岗位职责时,行使人意识到学校有任何对学生福利或安全有实际的或潜在危险的情况,须尽快将 此情况报告给学校的专门负责人;

•    协助学校做好安全工作,确保各项工作的顺利执行; 

•    积极配合落实学校整体发展规划、人才体系发展规划中涉及自身岗位的必要工作。;

•    因学校需要而分配的其他工作。 


1.    大专或以上学历,有1至2年或以上相关岗位工作经验,有民办或国际学校同岗位工作经验者优先;

2.    有较好英文书面和口头沟通能力的优先考虑;

3.    工作仔细、认真,对学生有爱心和耐心;

4.    有科学管理方法,并愿意从事学生管理工作.

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