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英特海利贸易(成都)有限公司英国LMK Thermosafe Ltd 在中国的全资子公司,主要负责中国市场的销售和技术支持。供应桶加热器、底座加热器以及工业电热毯,提供高效、安全、耐用且灵活的英国纯进口加热设备,用于200升铁桶、IBC吨桶或其他定制形状的容器 ,以及复合材料表面固化。

Inteliheat Technologies (Chengdu) Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary in China of LMK Thermosafe Ltd UK. It is mainly responsible for sales and technical support in the Chinese market. We supply drum heaters, base heaters and industrial heating blankets. We provide efficient, safe, durable and flexible British pure imported heating equipment for 200 liter steel drums, IBCs or other custom-made containers, as well as composite surface curing.

Heating jackets and heaters for hazadous area
flexible heating jackets for non-hazadous area


The head office in Cambridge, UK, has been designing and manufacturing a variety of industrial heating products for more than 30 years, including induction drum heaters, flexible heating jackets, base heaters, etc., which can be used for 25 to 1000 liters, as well as customized size steel drums, IBCs and composite surfaces. We have ATEX / IECEx / CE certification issued by Europe and North America, which allows us to use our products in industrial hazardous areas. With the advantages of being high quality, flexible and easy to operate, as well as zero maintenance etc, our heating equipment has been sold well in more than 60 countries around the world, including China. It has become the first choice of many enterprises that put safety and efficiency first, and is highly respected.


Our heating equipment can be used in many fields. Customers include: chemical industry, composite materials, aerospace, wind turbine blade, industrial gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc.

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