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15 All-cargo Regular Flight Routes Launched
成都国际全货机定期航线已开通 15 条

According to Chengdu Municipal Port and Logistics Office, in 2021, Chengdu has successively opened five international all-cargo aircraft routes to London, Amsterdam, and Dhaka, etc. The number of new international all-cargo aircraft routes has reached a record high. Up to now, international all-cargo aircraft routes operated by Chengdu has increased 15. From January to July this year, the customs of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport put 84,000 tons of imported & exported goods into custody, a yearly increase of 13.1%. The cargo volume of various cargo aircrafts was 66,000 tons, an increase of 28.9% over the same period last year. 

据市口岸物流办消息,今年以来成都已先后开通了至伦敦、阿姆斯特丹、达卡等 5 条国际全货机定期航线,新开国际全货机定期航线数量创历年新高。截至目前,成都运 营的国际全货机航线已增至 15 条。今年 1-7 月,成都双流机场海关共监管进出口货运 量 8.4 万吨,同比增长 13.1%;各类货机货运量 6.6 万吨,与去年同期相比增长 28.9%。

Chengdu Industrial Ecosystems Further Optimized
成都产业生态圈优化调整为 12 个

On August 19, a press conference themed “Highlighting innovation-driven and strengthening the functional support to promote high-quality development of industrial functional zones based on industrial ecosystems” was held. It introduced future development plans of newly adjusted industrial ecosystems and industrial functional zones. Chengdu optimized industrial ecosystems into 12 and subdivided the original “intellectual manufacturing industrial ecosystem” into “digital economy industrial ecosystem” and “AI industrial ecosystem”. Integrating the original “industrial ecosystems of exhibition economy, modern logistics, modern finance, modern commerce and trade, culture and tourism (sports)”, Chengdu has constructed “advanced productive services industrial ecosystem” and “new consumption industrial ecosystem”. The two “urban agriculture and green food industrial ecosystems” were merged into one. A new carbon neutral industrial ecosystem was planned. 

8 月 19 日, “突出创新驱动 强化功能支撑以产业生态圈引领产业功能区高质量发 展”新闻发布会召开,对成都优化调整产业生态圈和产业功能区的情况及未来发展进行 了介绍。成都将全市产业生态圈优化调整为 12 个,将原智能制造产业生态圈进行细分, 构建了“数字经济产业生态圈”和“人工智能产业生态圈”;将原会展经济、现代物流、 现代金融、现代商贸、文旅(运动)等产业生态圈进行整合,构建了“先进生产性服务 业生态圈”和“新消费产业生态圈”;将原都市现代农业和绿色食品产业生态圈合并, 构建了“都市农业和食品产业生态圈”;新筹建了“碳中和产业生态圈”。

  • New Hope Group, the First Chengdu-based Fortune Global 500 Enterprise 新希望成为首个世界 500 强蓉企

  • CDHT ranks No.1 in Business Environment among Hi-tech Zones Nationwide 成都高新区位列“园区营商环境 TOP20”榜首

  • Chengdu H1 Hi-tech Industrial Revenue hit 585.8 billion RMB 成都高新技术产业上半年营收 5858 亿元

  • Chengdu’s First Inclusive Financing Guarantee Company Incorporated 成都市第一家普惠融资担保公司成立

  • 300 New Scenarios and Products Released 成都面向全球发布产业链 300 个新场景新产品

  • Liangjiang-Tianfu exhibition flagship alliance unveiled

  • EU-China business fair to power common growth

  • Chengdu University links up with British University

  • ITM and Chengdu Gaotong Isotope Co. Ltd. Form Joint Venture


Main Source: Sichuan Daily, Chengdu Daily

Additional Sources: China Daily, Global Times, iChongqing, eGuiyang, Venture Education