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Dear members, partners and friends, 各位尊敬的会员, 合作伙伴,朋友们,   The British Chamber of Commerce keeps on working hard to face new challenges together with our partners. Our new board members and advisors are well experienced in various industries , steering the chamber to overcome challenges by capitalizing on their expertise. Having […]

British Chamber of Commerce SW-Chairman’s Message

On Thursday 23rd August, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China organised the first UK Advanced Manufacturing Focus Group Meeting at bookworm.中国西南英国商会于8月23日(上周四)举办了首次制造业小组讨论会。 Manufacturing industry in Chengdu has made great progress and set up a relatively well-developed industrial system after developing for 30 years. Chengdu now is the new industrialization demonstration […]

Event Review | Advanced Manufacturing Focus Group Meeting

On Thursday 24th August, the Britsh Chamber of Commerce Southwest China  co-organised the Understanding of Preferential Tax Policy Meeting with  Aviva-Cofco Life Insurance , Sichuan branch. 中国西南英国商会与中英人寿四川分公司于8月24日(上周四)联合举办了税优政策推介会。 Ms. Delia Mao,the Deputy General Manager of  AVIVA-COFCO,delivered the welcome speech. 中英人寿保险四川分公司副总经理毛有蓉女士做了欢迎致辞。 Miranda Wu introduced the form and advantages of Tax-preferential Health Insurance.Then […]

Event Review | Understanding of Preferential Tax Policy

Travel + Leisure 2018 | World’s Best Awards  The Temple House is honoured to be awarded No.1 City Hotel in Asia and No.8 Top Hotels in the World for the second year running in Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2018. 漫旅 | 2018世界旅行奖 博舍再度荣获《漫旅》2018世界旅行奖 “亚洲十佳城市酒店”榜单之首,并晋升全球百强酒店第八名。 Read more/了解更多… Third Year […]

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