08/04/2017 @ 09:00 – 09/04/2017 @ 16:30
New International Exhibition and Convention Center
198 Shijicheng Rd Wuhou Qu
Chengdu Shi
Sichuan Sheng China

The background of the exhibition:

Si Chuan province is located in the west of China, the important combination of southwest, northwest and central China, and also the important junction and communication passage connecting southwest and northwest, middle Asia, south Asia and southeast Asia. It is a big province for natural resource, population and economy. Covering area of 486,000 square meters.

Si Chuan has jurisdiction over 21 cities (states) and 183 counties (districts) with 80.76 million permanent population, 26,000 schools of different grades and types, 15.79 million students at school, 950,000 school staff, 790,000 of them are full-time teachers. Due to the large number of various schools, Chengdu (the capital of Si Chuan province) always has the title of West China Education Center as it has 99 high level institutions and more than 1.2 million students in college, moreover, the economy level of Chengdu is always the leading position in west China. Therefore, Chengdu becomes the important area for domestic and foreign academies enrolling new students.


As one of the global acknowledged main sources for students abroad, China has become the front line that the universities of the target countries for studying compete to attract the excellent students abroad from China. Based on the statistics of education ministry, the number of study abroad increased nearly 20% in 2015 comparing with 2016. According to incomplete statistics, the number of study abroad of Si Chuan is nearly 40,000 in 2016, accounted for about 10% of the annual number of students abroad in the whole country, only next to Beijing and Shanghai. It is estimated that the number will continue to rise in the next a few years, moreover, the students abroad from working family are increasing, and the market of low age study abroad is emerging.


Hundreds of colleges and schools from over 20 countries and regions around the world have been attracted to attend The 2016China (Sichuan) International Education Exhibition. More than 50 thousand students and their parents will finish their face-to-face consultation during the exhibition. Basing on Western China, with an international and branding subject, the organizing committee will try their best to hold a representative branding exhibition in Sichuan education on their own relevant successful experience in the past. A qualitative leap in scale, effect and brand influence will be made to help oversea collages, oversea study and immigration services have good communication on deep development of local educational market and cooperation and exchange international education.

This exhibition does not only serve families, schools and education services, and not only for the education itself, also will become a booster of the whole social economy development and a highly valuable name card of Sichuan. Furthermore, it will help the world to have a better understanding to Sichuan, a higher focus on it and a better international cooperation with it, and attract more high class talent people and partners to give Sichuan a new step.

Highlight of the exhibition:

  1. The visitors can get the services from the exhibition as follows: obtain the site evaluation and receive the information of application for study abroad, on-site consultation, offering the most complete information of the colleges to improve the face-to face communication with the parents. The ones who attend this exhibition are various educational institutions from home and abroad, including comprehensive universities, the higher institute of technology, language training school etc to meet the demands for studying abroad of the students studying and graduated from the senior high school students, junior college students, undergraduate students and higher vocational colleges and so on.
  2. This exhibition offers not only the opportunity for “Zero Distance” communication between the students and parents of Chengdu and the numerous famous colleges, but also the package services for occupational planning, scholarship application, visa application, preparations for study abroad, overseas life, foreign finances and overseas property immigrants etc.
  3. The academic communication centers from different countries and many study abroad agencies will hold the explanation conference for the policies of study overseas during the exhibition.
  4. The organizing committee will send 200 elaborate gifts for free to the students each day during the exhibition.
  5. The academic communication centers from different countries will arrange some globally famous universities to enroll new students in Chengdu.

6. The global first-class universities majored in animation, clothing, movie director, music, art, business, material etc will have the face-to-face communication with the students.

The organizing committee will issue the news release and the mandatory advertising in Western China Metropolis Daily and Chengdu Business Daily in the early days before the exhibition started, furthermore, will release the rolling advertisement for 40 times each day in Chengdu Mobile TV Station and 500,000 mass short messages through special channels. The reporters of Chengdu television news channel and Sichuan Education Television will be invited to have the interview and will play it on TV on the first day that the exhibition starts.


Time for Register: 9:00AM-5:30PM, April 7th , 2017

Time for Preparation: 9:30AM-5:30PM, April 7th , 2017

Time of exhibition: 9:00AM-4:30PM, April 8st ~9nd , 2017

Time of Closing: 4:30PM,April9nd , 2017


  1. Consultancy meetings with students and parents co-organized by Sichuan registered study abroad agnecies.
  2. Project consultancy by China-foreign schools in partnership
  3. Discussion on international education program partnership by Chinese and foreign schools.
  4. Lectures by education counselors of Embassies of several nations in Sichuan.


College entrance examination enrollment area

Overseas real estate area

  1. University-preparatory school, colleges and universities (diplomas and degrees of those colleges and university shall be admitted or registered by education departments or authorities of each country, and qualified for receiving overseas students.)
  2. Overseas vocational education schools
  3. Overseas language training schools and institutions
  4. Governmental organizations
  5. Embassies and consulates
  6. Student services providers (banking, accommodations & airlines, etc.)
  7. Student Services Agents and China-Overseas Cooperative Education Project
  8. Vocational education and private education enrollment consulting exhibition area
  9. College entrance examination enrollment consulting exhibition area
  10. International education communication area
  11. Children’s education institutions and comprehensive service area

12 Exhibition area for overseas real estate, school district housing, large residence of education



Charges:         Foreign Exhibitor: US$2,800/ Standard Booth (plus 10% for double opened booth) Conference charge:US$30 for each person

Domestic Exhibitor RMB 15,000/ Standard Booth (plus 10% for double opened booth), Conference charge:RMB200for each person

Specification of booth up to international standard: 3m×3m, equipped three 2.5m-high boards, one desk for negotiation, Carpet, four folding chairs, a convenience receptacle ,two lamps and one lintel board)

Conference charge:    including charges for conference-related document, certificate, lunch, beverage, etc.)


We will publish name, profile, educational subject, service target and contact information of any exhibitor. All exhibitors are appreciated to e-mail relevant information to1033941731@qq.com in format of Microsoft Word before April 1th, 2017.

Charge for Proceedings and Advertisement (converted into RMB required for foreign exhibitors):

The 16K hectograph proceedings (210×130mm) will be gifted to participants and professionals from relevant organizations for communications and exchange


RMB 5,000

Back cover

RMB 4,000

Inside front cover

RMB 3,000

Inside back cover

RMB 3,000

Head page

RMB 3,000


RMB 4,000

Inside color page

RMB 2,000

Inside black and white page

RMB 1,000


  1. Publicize information of this exhibition in international departments and advisory institutes of universities and colleges.
  2. Post big posters in universities, colleges, vocational and middle schools of Sichuan.
  3. Visitors range: Students and parents, education administrators and teachers, the officials of the education department of the provinces, districts and cities and the directors of all levels education institutions, experts, scholars, on-job people, the principals of the organization for the educational investment and financing, the principals of the registered study abroad agency, the officials of commerce, education and culture of foreign embassies, etc.


  1. Exhibitor shall fill in Exposition Contract and affix official seal and then mail or fax them to Organizing Committee.

Exhibitor shall remit relevant exposition charge to appointed account within seven days upon registration.

  1. All exhibitors shall follow such principle that “first registered and paid shall have priority”, Organization Committee has right to cancel or displace unpaid booths till all booths are engaged.
  2. The Sponsor will mail Exhibitor Manual consisting of detailed schedule, transport, platform design and setting, travel and accommodation, material renting and waiter service, advertisement, visa application, weather forecast and any other service information to exhibitor upon exhibition booth confirmation, universities and colleges requesting pick up service shall contact organization committee five days ahead, all related costs shall be borne by exhibitors themselves.
  3. Exhibitor shall detail all information like height setting and special requirements in Exposition Contract.
  4. Organization Committee will prepare English and Chinese lintel board subject to contracts of registered universities and colleges.
  5. Application deadline: April1th .2017