2020 Education Series: Well-Being in A Time of Uncertainty

22/06/2020 @ 16:30 – 18:00
Online Webinar
Mavis Yang


Well-being is essential for all people, young and old, to thrive and succeed: emotionally, personally, academically and professionally. Traditionally the focus has been on physical well-being. However, the recent shift of emphasis to mental health is crucial if individuals and organisations are to flourish in an increasingly competitive world. Companies that focus on this growing area of research and practice are likely to find a community that is happier, more collaborative, more productive and, ultimately, more successful.

The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong, together with Independent Thinking (IT), will be hosting a seminar focusing on well being. IT is a global leader on topics including teaching and learning, motivation, creativity, leadership, social justice, neuroscience, the environment and well being. The seminar will to help all organisations have a greater understanding of:

  • the impact of change on our well-being and what we can do for ourselves as professionals and the children and young people we work with
  • the knowledge, skills and strategies to be able to re-connect with others after isolation through human connectedness and ways to measure personal emotional health
  • the simple well-being techniques to help ourselves as well as others through self-care and self-compassion
  • how to identify the needs of others and what steps can be put in place to enhance personal well being
  • how to plan and implement changes to monitor the well being of all.

Whilst of particular interest to those in education, the seminar will be of use to all organisations and all parents!



Date: Monday, 22nd June, 2020

Time: 16:30-18:00 CST (China time) / 9:30-11:00 BST (UK time)

Format: Webinar

Language: English

Price: Member RMB 100 | Non-member RMB 200

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