Accessing a British Education

09/12/2017 @ 14:00 – 16:00
IFS Yanjiyou Bookstore
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Accessing British Education will be held as a focus for parents who are looking at different options for their children’s schooling and would like to know more about international learning. Industry experts (5 speakers) from varies institutions are invited to form a panel focusing on their representation on UK and international education as a whole, to conduct a topic-lead discussion over different ways of accessing and the requirements one may face when planning. 

本次“与英国教育零距离”教育研讨会的举办旨在面向所有关注国际教育的家 长们,提供针对孩子就学的不同选择,以及更多的关于国际性学习的相关资讯。 我们邀请到了不同教育机构的行业专家,将围绕目前家长们最关心的英 国和国际教育话题展开讨论

1. What is the differences between an international education & domestic education? 传统中式教育和国际化教育的区别是什么? 

2. What advantages do international students have? 接受国际化教育的学生有什么优势? 

3. Why do I choose the UK as an education destination? 为什么选择英国作为教育首选目的地? 

4. What is the cost of UK education? 英国教育的费用究竟是多少? 

5. What do higher UK education institutions looking for? 英国高等教育机构在寻找怎么样的学生? 

6. When should I start an international style education? 什么时候最适合开始接触国际化教育

7. What is the life of being an international student in the UK? 作为一个国际学生在英国的生活是 怎样的?

 Accessing a British Education Meeting June 2017

 Accessing a British Education Meeting June 2017

Date: Saturday 9th of December 

日期: 12月9日 星期六

When: 14:00 – 16:00

时间: 下午2点到4点

Venue: Yanjiyou Bookstore (IFS)


Address: Chengdu IFS
地址: 成都市锦江区红星路步行街3段1号IFS国际金融中心B2言几又

Cost :Free to the Public

费用: 对公众免费 

Event Format : Panel discussion

活动形式: 问题引导式讨论 

Event Language : Chinese Speaking

活动语言: 中文

For registration, please scan the QR-code below, or contact the BritCham by dialing 028 6830 5159, or send an email to