Accessing a British Education

10/06/2017 @ 15:00 – 17:00
Fang Suo Bookstore, Tai Koo Li, Chengdu


2017年因迎来中英大使级外交关系建立45周年纪 念而显得举足轻重。45年来,中英两国同心协力, 在多个领域广泛而深入地合作,获得了非凡成就。正值中英黄金时代之际,英国驻重庆总领事馆于 2017年5月到6月,在重庆、四川、云南和贵州举 办英国嘉年华,为中国西南地区人民带来涵盖从商 务合作到文化交流的系列活动。作为英国嘉年华的一部分,本次英国教育论坛会将全面向大众学生家长,特别是早期学童的家长,介绍丰富的英国教育资源,以多样的视角解析英式传统与现代的人文文化,以便家长提前做好为孩子未来考虑最充足及适当的准备。

2017 is a significant year as we celebrate the 45th anniversary of China-UK ambassadorial relations. Over that time the pace and scope of what we have achieved together has been extraordinary. In the Golden Era of China-UK relations, from May through June, the British Consulate-General, Chongqing, will hold a British Festival with a diverse range of commercial and cultural events in Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan. As part of British Festival, this Education information seminar aims to introduce parents of early learners about various British education resources and give them a better understanding of their options in accessing an UK education.


The format of this event will be a topic-driven panel discussion regarding accessing a British education. Speakers will be answering all the ‘hot topic’ questions from different perspectives. 

特约嘉宾包括:Key Speakers:

英国驻重庆总领事馆 British Consulate- General Chongqing
英国文化教育协会 British Council 

主讲嘉宾包括:Main Speakers:

英式国际高中 成都墨尔文中学

英国国立大学 University of Leicester

英国高等教育咨询机构 OEIM 

国际经历交换项目 Project Abroad

英国海归学者 Returning student 


Event language: Chinese