Brexit and the Future of UK-China Trade & Investment (Chengdu)

23/01/2017 @ 14:00 – 16:30
Wendy Wei
(0) 28 8665 3617
Brexit and the Future of UK-China Trade & Investment (Chengdu) @ TBC
After the success of recent years, the China relationship is likely to take on even greater importance for British business in 2017 and beyond. Chinese government departments and businesses are watching closely in the wake of the Brexit vote to see how China’s trade and investment relations with the UK will be affected and where to invest next. 

Important questions need to be answered. What are Theresa May’s plans for the British economy? How will the EU relationship be affected? Is now the right time for Chinese enterprises to start buying UK assets or making other moves in Britain? Which sectors will be affected for better or worse?
Join CBBC’s chief executive Stephen Phillips and other informed speakers at this seminar in Chengdu, at which British and Chinese law firms, financial institutions and other businesses will share their research findings and explain the impact Brexit is likely to have on both individual companies and the trade and investment relationship as a whole. 
Members and non-members are both welcome to attend. We are currently taking applications for sponsorship of the seminar – see details below.
Speakers and attendees
  • Stephen Phillips, Chief Executive, China-Britain Business Council
  • Cecille El Beleidi, HM Consul-General, Chongqing
  • Senior official, Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce
  • UK companies
  • Local companies and investors
Sponsorship: RMB 10,000  
  • Speaking opportunity at the seminar 
  • Pre-event branding in event marketing materials, pre/post publicity
  • On-site visual branding as “Seminar Partner” with large company logo
  • Formal acknowledgment in CBBC Chief Executive’s speech
  • Company brochure on reception desk
  • Introduction to senior UK/Chinese officials
  • Meeting with directors of Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce and Sichuan Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau (meeting led by CBBC Chief Executive)
  • Introduction to local companies for potential business opportunities


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