Daping meets London

12/05/2017 – 14/05/2017 all-day
Daping (Chongqing) / London

Step into the commercial district of Daping and experience a journey into London. Expose yourself the inextricable charm of British culture.

This event, ‘Daping meets England’is based around British/London culture with explorations of British literature, education, film and music as quintessential cultural artifacts. This event is dedicated to understanding, appreciating and above all celebrating British culture and will take place from the 12th May until 14th May.


1. Cultural journey through the Thames
Enjoy an exhibition focused around British literature and works while admiring stunning pieces of photography of Britain’s charming scenery.

Address: The DP area of shopping Mall or Tea shop/ 商场内 DP点或茶歇区

2. Charismatic Oxford

This event is intended to showcase British higher education and invites relevant institutions to share information regarding studying in Britain at graduate and postgraduate levels. Interested students can also register for further assistance in the University application process

Address: 1st floor of Fuction room on the 4th floor /1F2根柱子处以及4F贵宾厅

3. Manchester

This is a chance for institutions in the sector of tourism and hospitality to showcase the attractions that Manchester and the surrounding areas have to offer; a mix of impressive urban architecture and stunning natural scenery.

Address: 1st floor of Fuction room on the 4th floor /1F2根柱子处以及4F贵宾厅.

4. Brooklyn afternoon tea

Inviting all tulip members and officials and family from the British Consulate General  for a essentially British afternoon tea, chatting about English food and drink culture, traditions and partaking in an exciting raffle!
1st:Return flight to London;
 2nd:Gentleman’s Umbrella;
 3rd:A Commerative Prize

Address:Fissler Academy / 菲仕乐学院

5. Glastonbury

①Traditional British Dance:
A variety of British Dances will be performed.

②British Rock and Roll:
Beatles cover band amongst others.

Magic and bubbles display.

Location:Within Store 2F DP

6. Magic of Edinburgh

Magic shows and Harry Potter themed event.

Address: Da Ping Shopping Mall1-4F

7. 221B Baker Street

Any purchase above 500 Yuan will receive free delivery under 1.5 kilos

Location:1st floor

8. Todnorden

An exhibition and workshop based around UK cuisine, prizes aplenty for participants!

Location:1st floor

9. Brighton

Using Wechat:  participants share their photos of their trips to Great Britain and prizes of 1000, 800 and 500 gift vouchers will be given out to the best ones.

9. 221B Baker Street

Participants are invited to solve a murder mystery on Wechat and the prizes will be given out to participants who crack the case! Vouchers of 1000, 800, 500 will be given out.