Invitation: Intellectual Property Event

21/04/2017 @ 14:00 – 17:00
Chengdu Intellectual Property Court
Chengdu Intellectual Property Court (Address: Area C
Qing Rong Center, Chengdu Science City
Tianfu New District )

Invitation to the Intellectual Property event

To strengthen the investment confidence from the foreign enterprises in Chengdu and improve a favorable investment environment, with the match of IP Publicity Week and the 17th World Intellectual Property Day activities on April 26th.

Chengdu Investment & Promotion Commission, Chengdu Intellectual Property Bureau, Chengdu Intellectual Property Court, China ( Chengdu) Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Center will jointly organized the meeting as the theme of “Innovation to change the life, the intellectual property to compete the future ” at Chengdu Intellectual Property Court (Address: Area C , Qing Rong Center , Chengdu Science City , Tianfu New District) from 14: 00-17: 00 on April 21st(Friday) for better understanding of the achievements of intellectual property protection work in Chengdu .

The deadline for registration is due 30st of March 12:00 pm.

If you are interested in this event, please contact us as soon as possible at . Please leave behind your name, company name, company position, phone number, and any problems or suggestions (click 2017-0421-附件2-参会回执表 to see the original form document).



  1. Purpose

Introduce the intellectual property achievement in Chengdu to enhance the confidence of investment from foreign enterprises.

  1. Time

14: 00-17: 00, April 21st (Friday)

  1. Place

Chengdu Intellectual Property Court (Address: Area C, Qing Rong Center , Chengdu Science City , Tianfu New District )

  1. Agenda

14: 00-15: 00

to visit the Chengdu Intellectual Property Court

introduced by Mr. Wang Xiao, the vice president the Chengdu Intellectual Property Court.

15: 00-16: 10

Report of intellectual property achievements

Host: Mr.Liu Jian, Section Chief of Foreign Investment Administration from IPC

(A). Speech by Mr.Ding Xiaobin, director of IPC

(B) Speech by Mr.Li Guiqing, Deputy Inspector of Chengdu Intellectual Property Bureau, to introduce the achievements of intellectual property in Chengdu.

(C)Speech by Mr. Wang Youhua the chief of China (Chengdu) Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Center, to introduce the work process.

(D) Speech by the intellectual property legal expert to introduce relevant legal knowledge on intellectual property protection.

16: 10-17: 00


Listen to the opinions and suggestions from foreign enterprisers on protecting intellectual property rights.

  1. Participants

(A) Chengdu Investment Committee

(B) Chengdu Intellectual Property Bureau

(C) Chengdu Intellectual Property Court

(D) China (Chengdu) Intellectual Property Rights Center

(E) Intellectual property legal expert

(F) A total of 30 representatives from foreign enterprises