Inward Investment Workshop

22/11/2016 @ 14:00 – 16:00
Concorde Hall, 4th Floor, Sofitel Hotel, Chengdu
Wendy Wei
Inward Investment Workshop @ Concorde Hall, 4th Floor, Sofitel Hotel, Chengdu

英国伦敦发展促进署大中华区首席代表赵冰冰女士及英国乔尔森律师事务所中国业务负责人Sheldon Cordell诚邀您参加—2016年对英投资推广圆桌会。届时Cordell先生会就中国企业所关注的英国公司设立,商业法律, 并购交易等问题进行深入的研讨,并且分享一些中资企业在英国的实操案例。希望各位能通过此次机会增进对伦敦营商环境的了解。

Ms. Zhao Bingbing, Chief Executive Officer, Greater China, London Development Agency, UK and Sheldon Cordell, Head of China Practice, Jollson LLP, invite you to join the Roundtable on UK Investment Promotion in 2016. Mr. Cordell will discuss the establishment of UK companies, business law and M & A transactions in China. He will also share some practical cases of Chinese-funded enterprises in the UK. We hope you will take this opportunity to enhance your understanding of London’s business environment.





赵冰冰女士2011年7月被任命为伦敦发展促进署大中华区首席代表。伦敦发展促进署(是伦敦市官方发展促进机构,负责大伦敦地区的投资、旅游和教育在全球的推广和促进工作。赵女士和她在中国的团队,现在主要的职责是帮助希望在伦敦建立或者拓展业务的中国企业开启伦敦的大门。 自2011年至今,伦敦发展促进署中国团队已成功吸引并帮助近200家中国公司在伦敦落地发展。



Bingbing Zhao

Chief Representative Greater China London and Partners

Bingbing Zhao was appointed as London and Partners’ Chief Representative for Greater China in July 2011. London & Partners ( is the official promotional organization for London attracting and delivering value to businesses, students and visitors.  The main remit of her and her team in China is to unlock the city for Chinese businesses who want to set up or expand in London. Since 2011, the China team of London and Partners has successfully helped about 200 Chinese companies set up in London.

Previously a representative of the Mayor of London’s office in Shanghai, Ms. Zhao has engaged with various exchange programmes between China and London, including London’s promotional campaign in 2008 Beijing Olympic and 2010 Shanghai EXPO.  She has also previously worked for the office of the British Council in Shanghai, managing more than 40 projects in the area of arts, cultural and creative industry.