OBOR Seminar

13/09/2016 @ 14:00 – 17:00
InterContinental Chongqing
Nicole Li
OBOR Seminar @ InterContinental Chongqing


Co-published by China-Britain Business Council and Foreign and Commonwealth Office last year, the One Belt and One Road Analyses Report presented detailed dissections of business opportunities and challenges that 6 economic corridors, 7 promising sectors and 13 Chinese provinces and regions had to offer. This year, a second bilingual China-Britain Belt and Road Case Studies Report 2016 came out.Initially launched in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on 25th May, its seminar was co-held by China-Britain Business Council and Tsinghua University.  Now CBBC is seeking to hold another seminar in Chongqing at the expected time of 13th, September, with speakers from CBBC and British Consulate-General in Chongqing as well as businesses mentioned in some of the remarkable case studies to share their experience and strengths. All attendees shall be granted a China-Britain Belt and Road Case Studies Report.

With great sincerity, we welcome your participation in the joint exploration for cooperation opportunities between British and Chongqing enterprises.