Speaker/Sponsor Opportunity: UK-China HR Forum | 中英人力资源管理论坛

23/06/2017 @ 13:30 – 17:00
Rita Huang
+86 (0)20-8883 2120 ext. 808

CBBC plans to hold the “UK-China Human Resource Management Forum” on 22nd June in Guangzhou and 23rd in Shenzhen. Through this event British experts in the Human Resource sector may present their suggestions and experiences to their Chinese counterparts and by doing so help promote cooperation, an exchange of ideas and an opportunity to identify future business opportunities under the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

英中贸易协会拟定于6月22日和23日分别在广州和深圳举办 “ 中英人力资源管理研讨会”,活动将齐聚中英两国的人力资源资深人士,通过法律、招聘、人身保障、招聘等角度来分享英国人力资源管理的优点,并与中方人力资源人士讨论并碰撞思想,促进双方的合作与发展,挖掘“一带一路”建设下的人才发展新机遇。


Since 2013, when President Xi proposed the “One Belt One Road” strategy, China has achieved substantial progress and has driven the development of many industries and has required the mobilisation of a large number of key elements. Facing the new challenges and new opportunities brought by building the “Belt and Road”, enterprises have been required to reform and transform their internal management in order to adapt to the market changes and needs.

自2013年习近平主席提出“ 一带一路”战略构想以来,中国取得了诸多实质性进展,带动了众多产业的发展和巨量的要素调动。面对 “一带一路”建设带来的新挑战和新机遇,企业也在积极对自身的内部管理进行改革和转变,更好的适应市场的变化。


An enterprise’s development depends heavily on its talent pool. During this process of change, companies need to work out new human resources management scheme in order to respond to the enterprise’s new business development strategy. Britain, as one of the most developed countries in the world, possesses and implements an advanced human resource management philosophy that makes a great contribution to enhancing the nation’s economy. CBBC has closely followed the “Belt and Road” Strategy and published three serial editions of “Belt and Road” Initiatives analysis reports in the past three years.  Lord Sassoon, the Chairman of CBBC, presented the first edition of the report to President Xi during his first official visit to Britain in 2015.



Attending Guests

Scale: 80-100 people per event

-Decision makers or staff from HR/Law departments of

  • Domestic private and state-owned companies, some with intention to invest or having already invested overseas
  • Foreign companies

-Representatives from HR service companies




  • 国内私企及国企,部分有投资海外意向或已投资海外
  • 外企


Agenda (Guangzhou/Shenzhen)

13:30-14:00 Registration

14:00-14:20 Opening Speech

14:20-14:40 An Overview of Guangdong ‘s Human Resources Status

14:40-16:00 Theme speeches by British Companies with related HR experiences to share and discuss:

  • The legal perspective
  • The recruitment perspective
  • The insurance perspective
  • The HR/corporate perspective

16:00-16:20 Experiences sharing by UK/Chinese companies HR Departments

16:20-17:00 Networking or one-to-one matching (with tea break served)


13:30-14:00 来宾签到

14:00-14:20 开场致辞

14:20-14:40 广东人力资源现状概述

14:40-16:00 主题演讲,专业人力资源服务相关的英国公司从以下角度分享并进行深入讨论:

  • 法律
  • 招聘
  • 人身保障
  • 人力资源

16:00-16:20 中英企业人力资源部门经验分享

16:20-17:00 自由交流或中英企业预对接一对一交流(茶歇供应)


To learn more, please contact Rita Huang at CBBC Guangzhou

如需了解更多详情,敬请联系英中贸易协会广州代表处Rita Huang


+86 (0)20-8883 2120 ext. 808