Supported Event | 2nd Art Exhibition – Jade Learning House

16/12/2018 @ 15:00 – 18:00
Jade Learning House 天府三街大有智慧广场4栋嘉德美润儿童之家
10 RMB

We warmly welcome art lovers, and those that have a heart to help those that are less fortunate and need our support, to attend this event. As a virtues based educational institution, Jade Learning House is hosting it’s second art auction to raise money for a local Chengdu education program helping special needs children to get the skills they need to enter into regular school environment. Their students will be doing a short performance during the auction.


Some of Chengdu’s well known foreign artists will be auctioning their creative artworks and also the beautiful children from Jade Learning House have created some pieces for you to purchase. 100% of all children’s artworks, and 30% of the artists artworks, will be donated to supporting the local project. A presentation will be shared from the Principal of the school during the event.

现居住于成都的一些著名外国籍艺术家,以及嘉德美润儿童之家的孩子们,将会拍卖他们的艺术作品。孩子作品所筹的所有善款及艺术家们所筹善款的30%将进行捐赠,这些善款将捐助给彗星自闭症儿童康复中心。 嘉德美润校长Brent也会在拍卖会上做宣讲。

For those that attended our previous Art Auction and saw the great outcome of the work in Nepal, we will share an update about the trip and how the money was spent. During this auction there will be a photo collection on display donating 100% of the profits to the Nepal project if you would like to continue to support.


We look forward to seeing you and your friends that share this passion to help others and the enjoyment of art. Jade Learning House and it’s sponsors look forward to meeting you at the event!


RSVP required for entry + 10 RMB entry fee payable on door (entry fee goes to the charity)

请扫码预约+请在入口支付入场费10元 (入场费会作为慈善基金)