Tackling a Changing Chinese Market | 研讨会:把握复杂多变的中国市场动态

08/06/2017 @ 13:30 – 16:00
Shanghai British Centre
Garden Square, 968 Beijing Road, Shanghai
Anna Zhou

CBBC is collaborating with the EU SME Centre to bring you an English seminar discussing how to best tackle a changing Chinese market. The seminar will be held at Shanghai British Centre (17F, Garden Square, 968 Beijing Road, Shanghai, China) from 13:30 to 16:00, June 8th.


Chris Cheung, Director from the EU SME Centre, will present on:

  • China’s economic review and outlook
  • Reactions from European business community
  • Emerging opportunities and challenges for European small businesses: strategic emerging industries, government initiatives, regional growth and changing Chinese consumers
  • Advice for European SMEs in doing business in China
  • Case studies

欧盟中小企业中心总监Chris Cheung将带来:

  • 中国经济回顾及展望
  • 欧盟企业的应对措施
  • 欧盟小型企业面临的新兴商机和挑战:战略新兴产业、政府政策、区域发展和不断变化的中国消费者
  • 对在华经营的欧洲中小企业的建议
  • 案例分析

Junchao Zhang, Director from CBBC, will present on: 

  • The policy highlights and potential opportunities related to sectors for the 7 new Free Trade Zones—— Liaoning, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing and Shannxi
  • A comparison across different Free Trade Zones

英中贸易协会总监Junchao Zhang将带来:

  • 7个新自由贸易区——辽宁、浙江、河南、湖北、四川、重庆、陕西的政策亮点及潜在商机
  • 不同自由贸易区的横向对比

Ingrid Ge, Economist from CBBC, will present on:

  • General introduction to the One Belt and One Road Initiative;
  • Introduction of CBBC’s new Belt & Road report on the BRI’s southern routes:

-Key developments along the BRI’s southern routes;

-Key sectors with opportunities for UK businesses in the BRI;

-Key provinces in South China.

英中贸易协会经济专家Ingrid Ge将带来:

  • “一带一路”战略介绍
  • 围绕英中贸易协会最新“一带一路”报告介绍“一带一路”路线图中的南线:





13:30 Registration

14:00 Opening & CBBC Welcome   

14:10 Chris Cheung: Tackling a Changing Chinese Market 

15:00 Ingrid Ge: Key Developments and Sectors with Opportunities from the Belt and Road Initiative

15:20 Junchao Zhang: The Policy Highlights and Potential Opportunities Related to Free Trade Zones

15:35 Q & A

16:00 Networking & Refreshments


13:30 签到

14:00 活动开始,英中贸易协会致欢迎辞

14:10 Chris Cheung:应对复杂多变的中国市场

15:00 Ingrid Ge:“一带一路”战略带来的重要发展动态和行业商机

15:20 Junchao Zhang:自由贸易区的政策亮点和潜在商机

15:35 现场问答

16:00 自由交流(茶点供应)

Speaker Profiles 主讲嘉宾

Chris Cheung

Director, EU SME Centre, an expert in market research, market entry strategy, and business management


Chris has been identifying market opportunities and providing market access advice to European companies entering the Chinese market for the past ten years. As the Director at the EU SME Centre, Chris leads an international team of experts in providing practical, up-to-date business advice in a wide range of industries including ICT, renewable energy and food and beverages.


Junchao Zhang

Assistant Director, Research & Consultancy, China-Britain Business Council


Junchao is CBBC’s most senior researcher in China, where he guides the research of project managers in all 13 offices. He has extensive experience in the automotive, marine, environmental and industrial sectors. He is the national sector lead for advanced engineering, and CBBC China’s key contact for advice on company incorporation.


Ingrid Ge

Economist, China-Britain Business Council


Ingrid holds two Master’s degrees and focuses on analysing China’s macroeconomic issues. She has more than 10 years’ consulting experience in international trade and regulations.


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