Tapping into China’s Green Tech Market: Business Opportunities and Challenges for SMEs | Free Webinar

28/02/2017 @ 07:59 – 08:59

China’s green tech market develops rapidly in recent years with strong support from the government that looks for a more sustainable and efficient energy solution for the country. 

Watch this webinar video to learn more about the rising business opportunities in China’s green tech market and how your company can best tap into it. It covers the following topics: 

  • Chinese 13th Five-year Plan
  • Chinese Energy Sector
  • Chinese Water Sector
  • Chinese Environmental Sector
  • Entering in Chinese Green Tech Market
  • Conclusion and Business Advice for European SMEs

Click the image below to view the webinar video on YouTube or click here.

About the Expert

Gianluca Ghiara

Gianluca is the managing director of Geapower, an engineering consulting company based in Beijing. Since 2005, he has been consulting European and Chinese companies active in the environmental protection and renewable energy fields. He has been involved in the development of almost 50 projects in the renewable energy, waste, water treatment and industrial pollution control sectors. Gianluca is the elected Vice Chair of the Environment Working Group at the European Chamber of Commerce in China.