The China CSR Awards 2017 Forum

03/05/2017 @ 19:00 – 21:00
The Opposite House 瑜舍
11 Sanlitun Rd
SanLiTun, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China
200 RMB/ 300 RMB ( Members / Non-members)
steven lynch
(10) 8525 1111 ext. 704



Non-entrants are welcome to attend the evening at the Opposite House in Sanlitun. The ticket price includes drinks and canapés.

The China CSR Awards 2017, organised by the British Chamber with AmCham, will recognise companies that have made a contribution however big or small to creating a fairer society in China.

Why does it matter? Aside from the responsibility of companies to be good citizens, CSR in 2017 is critical for good business. The Government agenda has shifted from hardware to software. Under the 12th Five Year Plan roads have been built, schools erected and the infrastructure of cities improved. The 13th Five Year Plan will shift the focus to a greener environment, quality of education and the living standards of the least well off.

How will your company make a contribution to this social evolution? We want to hear your stories of what you have done well and what you wish you could have done better. Also we hope to showcase the most productive partnerships in sectors such as education, health and poverty alleviation and connect you to new friends in the CSR community.

The Awards will have 10 categories and a designated panel of experts will judge on the following criteria:

1) What impact does the project have on the issue addressed?
2) How scalable is the project?
3) How sustainable is the project?
4) How well does the project leverage the resources of the institution?
5) How professionally is the project implemented?

List of AWARDS:

1. Contribution to Charity

2. Cross Cultural

3. Education

4. Environment

5. Healthcare

6. Poverty Alleviation

7. Integration

8. Thought Leader

9. Women’s Empowerment

10. Regional outreach Award

If you are interested in joining this event in Beijing, please click here to  register, and here the 2017 CSR Award Application form


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