Webinar: “Europe vs. China: What are the Main Differences in IP Protection?”

Even though, China and European Union Member States are parties to the same international agreements on IPR protection, like the Paris Convention, the Berne Convention, and TRIPS Agreement, there are several key differences between European and Chinese IP laws which are important to understand in order to efficiently manage your intellectual property in China.This webinar gives European SMEs practical advice on what they need to keep in mind when designing IP protection strategies to enter China’s lucrative market. 

On Wednesday, 18 January  2017, you are welcome to join Helpdesk expert Ms. Alessandra Chies for a China IPR SME Helpdesk webinar session Europe vs. China: What are the Main Differences in IP Protection?. Ms. Chies will give an overview to European SMEs about the main differences between European Union and China in IP registration, protection and enforcement, covering IPR Issues such as:

  • A comprehensive overview on differences in trade mark, copyright, patent and design patent  protection; 
  • How to enforce IP rights in China, what is different from Europe;
  • Practical tips on how to create a robust IP protection strategy in China; 
  • Practical case studies of European SMEs experiencing and overcoming IP issues in China. 

This free of charge web-based seminar is composed of a 45-minute expert presentation, where Ms. Chies will take you through a range of simple, cost-effective measures to protect your company against IP infringements in China. This will be followed by a 15-minute Q&A session where all our participants can pose questions to the expert.
Language: English

We hope to see you soon!