Webinar: ”How to Use Customs to Protect your IP in China and South-East Asia”

For the majority of European SMEs doing business in or with China and/or South-East Asia, importing or exporting goods is the most fundamental section of their business operations. Therefore, protecting their IP through Chinese and South-East Asian customs at the boarders is the key to their business success. In fact, custom seizures can be a valuable tool to use to protect and enforce your IP. This webinar gives the SMEs an overview of customs protection in China and in South-East Asia.

On Monday, 20 February 2017, you are welcome to join Helpdesk expert Mr. Philippe Girard-Foley for a webinar session “How to Use Customs to Protect your IP in China and South-East Asia” Mr. Girard-Foley will give SMEs a comprehensive overview of IP protection with the Customs in China and South-East Asia, concentrating particularly on:

  • A general overview of Customs protection in China and South-East Asia;
  • Information on how to record your IP with the Customs;
  • Practical advice on how to cooperate with the Customs authorities to best protect your IP;   
  • Tips and watch-outs for developing a robust IP protection strategy; 
  • Case studies of European SMEs using customs to protect their IP. 

During this free of charge webinar Mr. Girard-Foley will give a 45-minute expert presentation, accompanied with tips for SMEs on protecting IP with Customs in China and South-East Asia. This will be followed by a 15-minute Q&A session, where Mr. Girard-Foley answers your questions.
Language: English
We hope to see you soon!