Webinar | Trademark Portfolio Management Strategies

A trademark portfolio may comprise registered trademarks and service marks, as well as marks that are in use but not necessarily registered. China IPR SME Helpdesk expert Charles Feng will be discussing the importance of effective portfolio management. which can be done through an IP audit, as well as developing strategies that address how IP rights are acquired, exploited, enforced and maintained, in order to maximize their value to the business.

Mr. Feng will provide tips and tricks on how to best manage their portfolio and highlight how important it is as part of your IP strategy. During the presentation, participants will be invited to ask questions, all of which will be collected and answered in full in a Q&A session at the end of the webinar.


5 mins: Welcome introduction

45 mins: Trademark Portfolio Management Strategies presentation

10 mins: Q&A session


Language: Enlglish