Welcome Reception for Sir Ciarán Devane CEO of the British Council

02/12/2016 @ 18:00 – 19:00
Crowne Plaza Chengdu City Centre
+86 028 6830 5159

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to meet Sir Ciarán Devane, the Chief Executive of the British Council since January 2015. Ciarán was previously the Chief Executive of Macmillan Cancer Support (2007-2014) and was knighted in 2015 due to his work. 

Space are limited. 


Sir Ciarán Devane

Chief Executive, British Council


The British Council was established over eighty years ago to create a basis of ‘friendly knowledge and understanding’ of Britain by making the most of the cultural resources of the country to create opportunities, to build connections and to engender trust.


Sir Ciarán Devane took up the role of Chief Executive in January 2015. Ciarán has focused on ensuring that all stakeholders understand and value the contribution that soft power, cultural relations and the British Council makes to security, prosperity and influence, and that the organisation and staff are aligned behind that vision.


Prior to this, Ciarán was Chief Executive of Macmillan Cancer Support from 2007 to 2014. He transformed the scale and impact of the charity, both on its own and in collaboration with other organisations and has raised its profile as an authoritative voice on cancer and on health matters, leading to Macmillan being the UK’s ‘Brand of be Year’ in 2014.


Ciarán was educated at University College, Dublin where he gained first-class honours in biochemical engineering. He then started his career as an engineer and manager for Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) before becoming a management consultant, mostly with Gemini Consulting. He specialised in complex change programmes with companies such as AstraZeneca and RollsRoyce.


He holds a Masters degree in International Policy and Practice from George Washington University, Washington DC. Ciarán has also held non-executive roles on the board of organisations ranging from small local charities to NHS England.


Ciarán was awarded a knighthood in 2015 for his services to cancer patients.








在2007年至2014年之间,邓克然爵士担任麦克米兰癌症援助组织(Macmillan Cancer Support)的首席执行官。在其战略指导下,麦克米兰通过自身的力量及与其他组织的合作,使该慈善机构在规模和影响上得到极大转变,树立了其在癌症与健康领域的权威形象,并引领麦克米兰成为2014年英国年度品牌。


邓克然爵士早先毕业于爱尔兰国立都柏林大学,并获得生化工程一等荣誉学位。之后他进入帝国化学工业公司(Imperial Chemical Industries) 担任工程师兼经理,随后又加入双子座咨询公司 (Gemini Consulting) 担任管理顾问,专注于服务大型企业实施复杂的变革计划,包括阿斯利康制药公司 (AstraZeneca) 、劳斯莱斯 (RollsRoyce) 等。


邓克然爵士在美国乔治•华盛顿大学获得了国际政策与实践硕士学位。他还在一些小型地方慈善机构、英国国家医疗服务体系(NHS England)等组织中担任非执行董事的角色。