In the past year alone we hosted events from the Queens 90th Birthday Party to our smaller focus group style events where industry experts gather together to talking about issues that are affecting your business.




There are two types of events that the chamber currently offers:

The Big 5 –These large fixed annual events are based on social networking and are spread across the year. They are designed to strengthen the community and ensure our members know each other and have developed business bonds.

Focus Group Business Events – The term “Focus Group” is used to describe a group set up by, and operating under, the umbrella of the British Chamber of Commerce in China and China- Britain Business Council. The groups are centred around one or more professional themes which unites committee members and event attendees. These groups have a leadership structure and meet regularly to exchange information, ideas and arrange events based on their theme.




As a result of their huge success, our big 5 events such as our British Summer Day,  Christmas Festivities and Inter-Chamber Mixers are conducted on an annual basis. These typically larger events provide attendees with an opportunity to meet and network amongst other like-minded individuals all whilst enjoying a selection of entertainment, sponsorship prizes and an array of fine dining.



In addition to the traditional ‘Big 5 Events’, we organise smaller, business focused events through our Focus Group Platforms.

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Note: In addition to these focus groups, we will also organise other events that reflect the interests and preferences of our members, which are sometimes outside the defined scope of these working groups (approx. 4 per year).


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