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The British Chamber of Commerce in China is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organisation that is sustained solely by membership fees and sponsorship, which mean all our initiatives have their best interests at heart. We are powered by our members, directed by our members, for our members, and act as the voice of British Business in Southwest China. We are committed to delivering the best services, information and opportunities to our members to drive their success in the China market.

中国的英国商会是一个非政府、非营利组织, 完全靠会费和赞助来维持, 这意味着我们将会员的利益与兴趣作为核心。 我们是英国商业在中国西南地区的发声平台。 我们致力于为我们的会员提供最好的服务、信息和机会, 以推动他们在中国市场取得成功。

Our Philosophy Shapes our Services


With Members & Partners through our Extensive network.


Expertise, Resources & Insight with our Focus Groups.


Expand & Develop your Business through our Channels.

Our philosophy Connect. Share. Promote. drives and shapes our vast ranges of benefits and services. From multi-national corporations, small to medium sized enterprises or even start-ups, our membership services are carefully designed to suit the needs of our members and ensure their success in the China market.

我们的理念: 连接。共享。促进。驱动和塑造我们广泛的优势和服务。从跨国公司、中小型企业甚至初创企业, 我们的会员服务都经过精心设计, 以满足会员的需求, 并确保他们在中国市场取得成功。

Our Key Services

EVENTS & FOCUS GROUPS: BritCham manages approximately 50+ events each year offering gainful opportunity to network with like-minded business people. Members are able to attend events at either complimentary or preferential rates. Our Focus Groups drive the majority of our events and target specific sectors or professions to Share. insight, resources, and expertise.

MARKETING & PROMOTION: BritCham take every opportunity to market, Promote. and expose your brand. Using our established network, BritCham effectively circulates member companies’ news, promotions, events and job vacancies.

INTRODUCTIONS & REFERRALS: BritCham benefit from a very strong network of partners, local & international companies, government branches, incoming trade missions, incoming investment projects, non-profits and charities. We Connect. you to the people you want or need to meet in person, over the phone, or online.

CONSULTING & TROUBLESHOOTING: From time to time, companies doing business in Southwest China may need help to resolve issues and overcome hurdles. Being plugged into the local community and having access to our far-reaching resource base, we are confident that we can find solutions to your issues or Connect. you with one of our members or partners with the relevant expertise.

UPDATES & INFORMATION SHARING: Local partners, governments, and companies use BritCham as a conduit for releasing information to the international community. We ensure that we Share. information in a targeted way so that our members receive the practical and beneficial information that they need, when they need it.

LOBBYING & VOICE SHARING: BritChamC membership allows access to high-level government officials in Chengdu, Sichuan, Chongqing and the UK as well as secures exclusive invitations to government events. We Share. your concerns with the relevant government departments and Promote. the interests of our member companies.



市场营销和推广:商会将利用一切机会在会员及非会员中提升、增加会员的品牌知名度。 通过我们的社交网络,我们能快速有效的散布会员企业的新闻、推广信息、活动和职位空缺。






  • Member rates for all company staff to attend all British Chamber of Commerce in China Southwest events.
  • Access to our exclusive ‘member only’ events which account for over 50% of all events.
  • Email referral and introductions to other member companies and partnering organisations.
  • Reduced visa requirements for visiting UK with BritCham follow-up support.
  • Free publishing of your company’s events, news and promotions on our website.
  • Free publishing of your company’s events, news and promotions in our weekly newsletter to members and partners.
  • Free publishing of your company’s events, news and promotions through our social networking media channels.
  • The opportunity to sit in a committee of a British Chamber of Commerce in China Southwest Working Group.
  • The opportunity to co-operate on events.
  • Access to, and inclusion in, our FOCUS Magazine which is distributed across China and the UK.
  • Regular email updates from BritCham on news, events and goings on happening in your region.
  • Receive discounted or even free usage on hotels, event venues, flights and other services.
  • Access to, and inclusion in, our online Members Directory containing company name logo and description.
  • The opportunity to run for a seat on the Executive Committee board (Corporate Standard Members companies only)


  • 公司全体员工能以会员价格参加中国西南英国商会活动。
  • 能够参加“仅限会员”的活动(该活动在我们所有活动中占的比例超过50%)。
  • 电子邮件推荐及介绍给其他会员企业、合作伙伴。
  • 降低访问英国的签证要求及提供后续支持。
  • 通过商会网站免费发布会员企业的活动信息、新闻及推广消息。
  • 通过商会每周发给会员及合作伙伴的时事简讯免费发布会员公司的活动信息、新闻及推广消息。
  • 通过商会的社交媒体,如微信、领英和微博等,免费发布会员企业的活动信息、新闻及推广消息。
  • 有机会成为中国西南英国商会焦点小组委员会中的一员。
  • 有机会同商会一起共同合作策划活动(商会只同会员企业合作)。
  • 商会会定期以邮件的形式向会员企业更新中国西南地区相关新闻、活动及所发生事情。
  • 可以优惠价格甚至免费享用酒店、活动场地、机票和其他服务。
  • 有权访问并加入我们的在线会员名录。该名录包含会员企业的名字、标志及背景介绍。
  • 有机会参选执行委员会中的一个席位(仅限企业标准会员)。

We help by giving our members companies

Access & Influence

Gain access to government, high level visits & round table discussions

Timely Information

Stay up to date with changing legislation & policy development

All-round Support

Gain expert knowledge & strategic advice

Connections & networks

Exchange insight with other member companies, meet Chinese partners & expand your circle

An increased profile

We offer corporate branding at exclusive events & the chance to market through our channels