The British Chamber of Commerce in China launched the first Diversity and Inclusion Survey. Find out how your organisation’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) progress measures up to other British businesses in China by contributing to the first set of annual D&I benchmarks produced by the Chamber.  Does your organisation have D&I […]

Diversity and Inclusion: How does your organisation compare?

Finalists of the British Business Awards 2020 was announced at Jing An Shangri-La, West Shanghai yesterday on 3 September.  From an extensive list of exceptional candidates, 42 exemplary businesses and individuals were shortlisted and applauded for their excellent work demonstrating the spirit of innovation, enterprise and endeavour.   9月3日,2020年度英国商业大奖入围名单在上海静安香格里拉大酒店公布。经过严格的首轮甄选,有42家优秀企业、机构和个人入围,将进入下一阶段的面试遴选。 嘉宾发言 Ray Chisnall, Chairman […]

Finalists of the British Business Awards 2020 | 2020英国商业大奖入围名单

Over3,000 guests participated in British Day to enjoy a memorable day in 2018. The event is packed with fun activities ranging from live music and performances to various workshops and games, not to mention great food and drinks of course. 2018年有超过3千人参加了这场难忘的活动。活动当天包括有趣的节目安排,现场乐队表演,以及不同主题的游戏和趣味挑战,当然还有美味的食物和饮料。 This will be the 6th British Day Organised by the British Chamber of Commerce […]

British Day 2020 | The BIGGEST international family friendly activity ...

The start of September heralds the return to school after the summer break for students and teachers alike in China. For schools in the UK, not only will it be a new school year, but the first time since March that classes will have fully resumed since the national lockdown. […]

Member’s News | Chengdu Westminster School

On 20th August, the first volume of the Big Business Breakfast was successfully held by the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China, at Fairmont Chengdu. 由中国西南英国商会主办的首场商务早餐会在8月20日与商会会员酒店成都棕榈泉费尔蒙酒店成功举办。  24 places were available for ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the city, and it was fully booked! Attendees from all different industries […]

Event Review | The Big Business Breakfast Vol.01

Sichuan Cohesion(Kuanxing) Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the import of quality goods. The name of the company (Kuanxing) is taken from Zuo Zongtang’s famous saying:”Make the best wishes, tie the middle fate, and enjoy the lower blessings; choose the high place to stand, find the […]

Member Spotlight | Sichuan Cohesion Import and Export Trade

Flight date: 12 September, 2020 Price: Competitive with current commercial rates; final prices to be confirmed, based on demand. Expected price ranges: GBP 2,300-2,800 (Economy); GBP 2,500-3,000 (Premium Economy); GBP 3,800-4,300 (Business) Over the past four months the British Chamber of Commerce in China (BCCC) has been actively engaged on […]

First Charter Flight from the UK

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the status of Professional Development Qualification (PDQ) Center. This means that UNNC is now licensed by Cambridge International to deliver PDQs courses, and in fact is the first PDQ center in East Asia to be approved todeliver PDQs […]

University of Nottingham Ningbo China Online Professional Development Qualifications

The British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China is really excited to launch The Big Business Breakfast. 中国西南英国商会在此推出系列活动-商务早餐会。 This new monthly business meetup will bring together the city’s professionals, and entrepreneurs to connect, share resources, and help grow our businesses – before the rest of the city is still waking up. 作为每月一次的早餐聚会,商务早餐会将在这座城市醒来之前,将本地的职场人士联系起来,为各企业带来资源分享和建立商业联系的机会,从而助力企业的发展。 […]

Upcoming Event | The Big Business Breakfast 20/08

Due to the number of requests, we have decided to formally extend the BBA application deadline until Friday, 14 August 2020 before 23:59 (Beijing Time). This extension will apply to those companies that have registered on the British Business Awards website by midnight Friday, 31 July 2020. If you intend to apply but […]

BBA Application Deadline Extended to 14 August

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the British Consulate-General Chongqing, the most significant British Festival will be held in Southwest China from mid-September to October 2020, and partnership opportunities are now available! 为庆祝英国驻重庆总领事馆成⽴20周年纪念,英领馆将于2020年9⽉中旬到10⽉在中国⻄南地区盛⼤举⾏的英国嘉年华活动,现有合作机会开放。 WHY JOIN THE BRITISH FESTIVAL 为什么加入英国嘉年华 Review The British Festival 2017 2017年英国嘉年华 2 Months 两个月 4 provinces & municipality 4个省市 37 […]

British Festival 2020 Partnership Opportunities

英商会会员 – 成都墨尔文学校暑期校园开放日 📅 7月25日⏰ 9:30至12:30 届时,墨尔文新任中学部校长将首次亮相中学部开放日,另有2020年最新出炉的“成都墨尔文奖学金计划”。激励奖学金政策旨在为优秀的学生提供更好的学习平台和机会,据悉发放的最高力度是“全奖”! 2020年高考、中考在这相当不平凡的一年暂时落下帷幕。莘莘学子们奋力拼搏,只为高考、中考一举夺魁。然而,新冠疫情笼罩下的2020年注定是极其特殊的的年份。有太多的突发事件让我们都开始思考,原来固有的生活轨道,或者习以为常的认知是否已经因为这场疫情加速了演变,变得让人看不清前方的道路如何行走。大至国际关系,小至你我的求学之路。 作为国际化教育的先行者,成都新津墨尔文学校(以下统称为:成都墨尔文)始终认为“教育,应该回归初心”,教育不是给孩子们划出一个圈,告诉他们在这个圈里他们是准备好了的,而是点燃他们心中的火花,让他们找到自己的路,在路上成为照亮世界的人,成为给世界带来积极改变的人。 成都墨尔文暑期开放日   7月25日9:30至12:30,成都墨尔文新任中学部校长将首次亮相中学部开放日。而开放日的地址便是大家翘首以盼的成都墨尔文新校园。 专以学术著称的全球名校长+殿堂级校园全新亮相  成都墨尔文学校中学部校长教育领导与管理硕士学位历史文学学士学位以及历史和体育教育专业研究生证书威尔士皇家教育和培训检查局埃斯廷的同行检查员拥有超过24年的教学经验担任资深A-Level考官长达15年曾担任学习与教学战略顾问,协助 400 所学校提高教学质量 安德里亚·梅校长致力于将成都墨尔文的全球化教育与教学提升到更高台阶的信心而来。正如她的教育口号:“相信自己能做到,你就已经成功了一半”。 安德里亚·梅校长说: “在成都墨尔文,我想打造一个学习型组织,让整个学校的所有成员都能出类拔萃,成为最好的自己。我将支持学生在学业上力争上游,实现自己的梦想和抱负。我将支持教师在日常教学中追求卓越,将最新的研究成果融入教学中。” 2020年成都墨尔文奖学金激励政策即将首发  除了新任校长亲临开放日现场之外,还有一个非常重要的举措即将公布,那就是2020年最新出炉的“成都墨尔文奖学金计划“。奖学金的设立旨在为优秀的学生提供更好的学习平台和机会,据了解,今年奖学金发放的最高力度则是”全奖“。具体计划,我们将在之后详细与大家分享。 如需参与本次开放日活动,请致电招生咨询老师,名额有限,敬请提前预约! 新校园先睹为快! 招生咨询电话 小茹老师:17311392829陈老师:18202899847杨琴老师:13541339861杨老师:18848282512刘老师:18244263218冯老师:18113179493

会员资讯 | 成都墨尔文学校暑期开放日