The Temple Café collaborates with Bonpoint during this winter for a “Pink Christmas Afternoon Tea,” available daily from 11th of December 2017 until the end of January 2018 (RMB228/2 persons). 博舍The Temple Café 咖啡厅与法国知名童装品牌 Bonpoint 携手推出粉色圣诞下午茶。从2017年12月11日起至2018年1月底,于The Temple Café 咖啡厅温馨特供。    This collaboration expresses both brands’ deep understanding of French luxury […]

The Temple Café: x Bonpoint Christmas Afternoon Tea 咖啡厅携手Bonpoint推出粉色圣诞下午茶 邂逅精粹法式生活

This is the time of the year again! We all gathered together at InterContinental Hotel Chongqing, to celebrate Christmas holiday with our beloved families and friends.   .     We enjoyed good music, good food, and of course with the most important, good people.  Fun games during the lovely Christmas dinner […]

Event Review: 2017 Christmas Dinner Chongqing

On Saturday 2nd of December, the InterChamber 2017 Charity Christmas Party in Chengdu was held in the Crowne Plaza Chengdu City Center Hotel.   In participation with the American, European Union, Australian, Canadian, French, German, Hong Kong and Singapore Chambers of Commerce, the BritCham organised the biggest Christmas event of […]

Event Review: 2017 Charity Christmas Party Chengdu

洲际礼遇 海鲜自助晚餐升级 赠送澳洲牛排/韩国烤肉/大闸蟹拼盘 价值498元/人 现仅售148元/人 2017年10月25日11:00准时开抢! 详情请长按识别下方二维码 进入抢购页面 将本文转发至朋友圈、微信好友、微信群等 售出后即可获得每套奖励7.2元 便捷的操作 惊喜的价格 高品质的享受 洲际酒店欢迎你的到来

InterContinental Chongqing: 爆款来袭 | 重庆洲际酒店海鲜自助晚餐升级配送澳洲牛排、韩式烤肉和大闸蟹