Distinguish Market Situation, Win Competitive Product Campaign MinCEO战略管理-竞争对手与竞品分析训练营 Why MinCEO战略管理 ? 精准产品定位:从细分市场入手,找到自己的目标市场,精准产品定位,实现利益最大化 专业导师授课:全球细分领域Top3咨询顾问老师,24+年的甲-乙-丙三方项目管理实战经验,跨各行业、跨职能部门、跨不同性质公司 实战出报告:通过每节课的产出,循序渐进,直接产出竞品分析报告 Precise product positioning: Starting from market segmentation, find your target market, accurately position the products, and maximize the benefits Teaching by professional instructors: Top3 consultant teacher in global subdivision field, 24+ years of practical experience in project management […]

MinCEO 战略管理-竞争对手与竞品分析训练营