Shared Workplace from Urban Synthesis Fancy shared workspace from BritCham member – Urban Synthesis now is available to rent! 英商会会员 – 奥本辛斯建筑规划设计咨询机构 新办公室现有少量共享工位招租! Shared Workplace Rent will cover the following Shared office area, meeting area, leisure & reading area, modeling area (Office material and 3D printing excluded), plus tea & […]

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在这个非同寻常的特殊时期,英商会会员-成都威斯敏斯特学校(筹)通过微信推出一个英文播客(CWS 电台),支持孩子们在家继续接受教育。在每周一次的电台广播中,收听英语世界不可不学的希腊神话。 BritCham Member – Chengdu Westminster School launched a weekly podcasts through WeChat, which supports children continuing their education from home, giving the chance to children all across China to learn about Greek Mythology. 电台主播:雯雯老师 Pippa Ebel,雯雯老师,出生于英国,毕业于牛津大学英语文学和语言专业。Pippa在成都威斯敏斯特学校筹备组担任高级课程协调员。除了有一口标准纯正英式英语以外,Pippa还精通拉丁文、法语、中文,她用一年时间掌握了中文,有着非常熟练的双语双文化沟通能力。 Pippa Ebel, or Teacher Wen, graduated Oxford University with a degree in […]

成都威斯敏斯特学校:CWS 助学电台开播!CWS Podcasts: Epic Greek Myths