境纯成都人才招聘 2018-1-15 PureLiving China 关于我们 境纯是业内领先的室内环境咨询公司,我们的宗旨是为客户创造健康的居家和办公环境。境纯拥有一支包括建筑工程师、HVAC专家和环境顾问在内的专家团队,可以向客户提供针对空气、水质、霉菌、石棉和铅污染问题的解决方案,并能通过专业的检测识别和清除室内污染源,以提升室内环境质量。我们的服务范围涉及污染物检测、先进过滤系统的设计和安装、环境质量监测和化学方法除味。境纯在中国大陆、香港和印度设有六家分支机构,是室内环境评估、工程设计、设备安装和室内环境监测服务的首选品牌。 PureLiving is a leading indoor environmental consulting company with a simple mission: to help our clients create healthy homes and workplaces. Our expert team of building engineers, HVAC specialists, and environmental consultants advises clients on air and water quality, mold, asbestos and lead exposure issues and […]

PureLiving China are Hiring: Accounts Director, Senior Account Manager and ...

  On Friday 2nd of February 2018, the British Chamber of Commerce and Chengdu hosted the Fifth edition of the Young Professionals Mixer.   This time, the event took place at the luxurious, ‘Niccolo Chengdu – The Bar.’ This tranquil Venue is superbly located right next to Taikoo lu […]

Young Professionals Mixer Vol. V

The Temple Café collaborates with Bonpoint during this winter for a “Pink Christmas Afternoon Tea,” available daily from 11th of December 2017 until the end of January 2018 (RMB228/2 persons). 博舍The Temple Café 咖啡厅与法国知名童装品牌 Bonpoint 携手推出粉色圣诞下午茶。从2017年12月11日起至2018年1月底,于The Temple Café 咖啡厅温馨特供。    This collaboration expresses both brands’ deep understanding of French luxury […]

The Temple Café: x Bonpoint Christmas Afternoon Tea 咖啡厅携手Bonpoint推出粉色圣诞下午茶 邂逅精粹法式生活

Special offer from Western China, when purchase any Premium Economy tickets on our website originated from Chengdu / Chongqing / Kunming / Xi’an, you will enjoy a complimentary business class lounge access at HKIA (outbound only). Upon your booking completion, please submit below info to our dedicated email at […]

Cathay Pacific – Complimentary Business Class Lounge Access

商会会员特享芳菲秀酒廊鸡尾酒买一送一,双人中式下午茶7折 富丽·独特·聚会之所 无论是阳光氤氲的下午,还是银河如许的夜晚,大堂酒廊的天幕设计,都会令您有一种闲适的愉悦感,于朗庭之下约聚朋友,在烛光之夜放松心情,惟有在此。在这里,随着时间缓慢流动而呈现出不同的表情:阳光明媚的下午,伴随着空气中咖啡或茶的淡淡香气,茶点的一抹清甜在你口里慢慢融化,这里是你在这座城市最舒心的会客厅。霓虹初上的夜,这里又成了灵动活跃的轻酒廊,悦耳动心的现场音乐,轻松适意的休憩氛围,为高品位的生活家们带来高端的娱乐体验。 成都钓鱼台精品酒店 成都钓鱼台精品酒店坐落于具有300多年历史的都市风情街区——宽窄巷子,是钓鱼台美高梅酒店集团旗下全球首家“钓鱼台”品牌精品酒店。传承御苑行宫800年历史基因,融会当今国宾馆雍容气度,成都钓鱼台精品酒店为全球客人、各界精英提供尊贵独有的体验。酒店设施由法国殿堂级大师Bruno Moinard主持设计,于16000平米的两座中式庭院,布置出45间外交级客房,3间品位级餐厅及酒廊,1座钓鱼台俱乐部,带给您东方宅邸的超凡体验。 SPECIAL OFFER FOR MEMBERS @FANGFEI GARDEN LOUNGE:BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ON ALL COCKTAILS & 30% OFF ON CHINESE HIGH TEA SET (FOR 2 PAX) Vibrant Urban Lounge Whether in the heat of the day or well after midnight, the innovative design of the […]

Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu: Special Offer – 商会会员特享芳菲秀酒廊鸡尾酒买一送一,双人中式下午茶7折