在这个非同寻常的特殊时期,英商会会员-成都威斯敏斯特学校(筹)通过微信推出一个英文播客(CWS 电台),支持孩子们在家继续接受教育。在每周一次的电台广播中,收听英语世界不可不学的希腊神话。 BritCham Member – Chengdu Westminster School launched a weekly podcasts through WeChat, which supports children continuing their education from home, giving the chance to children all across China to learn about Greek Mythology. 电台主播:雯雯老师 Pippa Ebel,雯雯老师,出生于英国,毕业于牛津大学英语文学和语言专业。Pippa在成都威斯敏斯特学校筹备组担任高级课程协调员。除了有一口标准纯正英式英语以外,Pippa还精通拉丁文、法语、中文,她用一年时间掌握了中文,有着非常熟练的双语双文化沟通能力。 Pippa Ebel, or Teacher Wen, graduated Oxford University with a degree in […]

成都威斯敏斯特学校:CWS 助学电台开播!CWS Podcasts: Epic Greek Myths

What is the Mid-Autumn Festival? The Mid-Autumn Festival is a harvest festival celebrated notably by the Chinese and Vietnamese people. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with full moon at night, corresponding to late September to early October of the […]

Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion

Chengdu, Sichuan, China, May 2018 ——The St. Regis Chengdu announced the appointment of Rodrigo Martinez as the new Executive Chef. Mr. Rodrigo will be fully in charge of daily culinary operations and management. A native of Chile, Rodrigo Martinez discovered his love for cooking at the precocious age of 18. […]

Member’s Promotion: The St. Regis Chengdu Appoints Rodrigo Martinez as ...

FACE Magazine is an annual installment from the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China providing regional information and detailing the successes of our members and partners over the past 12 months.  2017/18 has been an exciting period for BritCham Southwest, ourmembership base has grown extensively and to reflect this, the […]

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Get your mood refreshed and revived with Spring Summer 2018 at JIMMY CHOO. The Temple House will offer exclusive afternoon tea collaborations with JIMMY CHOO at The Temple Café. Inspired by the brand’s signature coarse glitter fabric, JIMMY CHOO’s creative director Sandra Choi merges this opulent material with a romantic pink hue […]

Member’s Promotion: Temple House – Jimmy Choo Afternoon Tea