中英科技创新营地 UK-China Science & Technology Innovation Camp TechCamp中国首站.成都,专门为儿童和青少年设计的技术工程教育学习计划。 我们的使命是通过其编码,电子和工程类假期营地和课程“激励明天的发明者”。 邀请8-13岁的男孩和女孩参加训练营,并向英国最初和最悠久的编程思维训练营的国际资深导师们学习。 TechCamp is delighted to announce a specially designed technology and engineering education program starting in Chengdu. Our mission is to ‘inspire tomorrow’s inventors’ through its coding, electronics and engineering holiday camps and courses. Students, both boys and girls aged 8-13 […]

会员动态 |英国STEM 创课思维 训练营 UK-China Science & Tech Innovation Camp

The British Chamber of Commerce, Southwest China hosted a Cybersecurity talk at the JLL offices in Chongqing. The event aimed to explain why cybersecurity is important, give a general overview of cybersecurity regulations, analyse the new PRC cyber security law and demonstrate how the new law impacts foreign businesses. Many […]

Cybersecurity seminar 17/01/18

On Thursday 7th of December, the BritCham & the German Chamber of Commerce organised a factory visit to  Duravit (China) Sanitaryware Co., located just outside of Chongqing.  Duravit AG, founded in 1817 and headquartered out of Hornberg, Germany, is primarily a manufacturer of porcelain bathroom fittings. Duravit is notable for having employed […]

Event Review: Duravit Factory Visit Chongqing

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British Consulate-General: Business is Great – Fact sheets for Southwest ...

你相信自己有改变世界的能力吗? 你想用面部识别技术运用到各个领域吗?在编程第一,AI(人工智能)不再是一个遥远的概念,专业外籍教师将带领学员打开新世纪的大门!我们的教师团队中有工程博士、计算机科学家、高级程序员、研究人员等,经过长时间的精心设计与准备,为青少年带来最先进科技,和优秀的课程。我们专为各个年龄阶段的青少年设计了不同层次AI课程,训练营将在10月1日-8日的其中三天进行,在AI训练营中你将学到 5-8岁: – Learn all about patterns   – 学习“模式”(patterns)原理 – Use loops to program patterns  – 使用loops编程“模式” – Program robots to follow patterns  – 编程机器人,跟随“模式” 9-13岁: – Robot programming to do work in a warehouse  – 编程可在仓库工作的机器人 – Robot coordination to accomplish tasks – 协调机器人以完成任务   14岁以上: – 3 […]

Coding First: 掌握未来科技|十月AI训练营开放报名!

In our last article “VOCs: Invisible Killers in Your Home & Office“, we talked about sources of chemical pollutants in your home & office and how to reduce exposure. In this article, we look at professional testing & remediation services. 在上一篇文章“VOCs:家庭和办公室的隐形杀手”中,我们谈了家庭和办公室中化学污染物的来源以及如何清除。这篇文章,我们将会介绍境纯环境的专业检测和治理服务 At PureLiving, we always recommend testing prior to taking […]

VOCs: Invisible Killers in Your Home & Office II