Yunnan is one of the most diverse provinces in all of China, both in its extraordinary mix of people and in the splendor of its landscapes. On top of this, Yunnan is another province in Southwest China that has seen substantial growth in recent years with their 2016 growth figures coming in at a giant 8.7%. On the back of this, provincial capital Kunming has been listed as one of the central circulation cities of national importance, and other cities Honghe and Qujing as central circulation cities of regional importance.

The growth has stemmed from the increase in demand for Yunnan’s vast reserves of natural resources such as aluminium, lead, coal, zinc and tin as well as their abundance of agricultural products such as tobacco and tea.

In addition to natural resources, Yunnan is one of China’s renowned tourist centres and receives the largest number of tourists in western China with the number growing year on year.

Yunnan has invested substantially in building new infrastructure and in the last few years, the government has begun building 1500km of new highways as well as significant investment in waterways. 


“Yunnan is a medium-sized Chinese province with abundant natural resources and high levels of ethnic diversity. Although Yunnan is still one of the poorest provinces in China, it has experienced rapid economic growth rates over the last decade.  The recent national Bridgehead Strategy has further positioned Yunnan as a strategic gateway in the Southwest region, providing tremendous new opportunities for its development.” 

Xiaoyan Liang – The World Bank