How to Transfer Technology Smoothly and Safely in China

As part of their ‘Solutions for European Tech Companies’, the EU SME Centre offers a range of services to help European Tech SMEs successfully do business in China. These services include:


Advising on Your Technology Transfer Process in China

  • Helping you understand the model and specifications of the technology
  • Checking whether your technology is permitted, restricted or prohibited to be transferred to China
  • Advising whether it needs to be only registered or needs to go via an approval process

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Verifying Chinese Companies

Verifying a Company’s Administrative and Legal Standing

  • Chinese Business Licence
  • Foreign Trade Operator Registration Form
  • Legal Representative
  • Legitimate Business Scope and Relevant Certificates
  • Check Against Debtors of Unenforced Judgement
  • Company Chop
  • Website Information
  • Industry Association

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