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Pre-Planning for Phased Re-Opening As schools reopen, BritCham SW member – ZHL Consulting (click to read about ZHL Consulting), which would officially start from August 2020, can provide support in meeting the social/emotional needs of students, enrolling and transferring students, addressing health needs, assisting parents, communicating with outside agencies, etc. The services and strategies that may […]

Member’s News | ZHL Consulting School & Student Services

据全球领先的传播机构美通社《2020亚太企业传播报告:挑战、多元化渠道与新闻偏好》中对近千名覆盖10个亚太主要市场及国家的近千名公关及传播人群的调查数据显示,在亚太地区,超过半数的企业公关和传播负责人在制定未来传播策略中认为内容生产、效果评估等为制定传播策略中最主要的挑战。 做好企业传播内容规划,有策略的对外进行传播是提高品牌知名度和美誉度不可或缺的手段。如何才能帮助企业构建一个更有效的传播体系,在特殊时期提升企业的“免疫力”? 为帮助我们的会员更好的分析现状,做好企业的传播规划,广东英国商会携手美通社将组织两场关于企业传播策略的线上研讨会。 According to a recent survey conducted by global press-release and communications giant   PRNewswire, it was revealed that over half of corporate PR experts across APAC see the major challenge of their daily work to be: “How to create different content to influence consumers and how to evaluate […]

Webinar | COVID-19影响下, 企业中国传播策略与分析

Join Léman and congratulate its graduates of the class of 2020 for their great achievements this year. With great pleasure,  BritCham SW member – Léman would like to invite students and parents of the LIS community, and also to extend the invitation to any friends in the wider community, to watch the Graduation Ceremony starting […]

Member’s News | The Graduation Ceremony of Léman Chengdu

Distinguish Market Situation, Win Competitive Product Campaign MinCEO战略管理-竞争对手与竞品分析训练营 Why MinCEO战略管理 ? 精准产品定位:从细分市场入手,找到自己的目标市场,精准产品定位,实现利益最大化 专业导师授课:全球细分领域Top3咨询顾问老师,24+年的甲-乙-丙三方项目管理实战经验,跨各行业、跨职能部门、跨不同性质公司 实战出报告:通过每节课的产出,循序渐进,直接产出竞品分析报告 Precise product positioning: Starting from market segmentation, find your target market, accurately position the products, and maximize the benefits Teaching by professional instructors: Top3 consultant teacher in global subdivision field, 24+ years of practical experience in project management […]

MinCEO 战略管理-竞争对手与竞品分析训练营

Shared Workplace from Urban Synthesis Fancy shared workspace from BritCham member – Urban Synthesis now is available to rent! 英商会会员 – 奥本辛斯建筑规划设计咨询机构 新办公室现有少量共享工位招租! Shared Workplace Rent will cover the following Shared office area, meeting area, leisure & reading area, modeling area (Office material and 3D printing excluded), plus tea & […]

Member’s News | Shared Workplace from Urban Synthesis

The supplies of PPE (Personal protective equipment) is dominating news headlines, and currently procuring medical supplies in China is becoming ever more complex and should be approached with careful attention and consideration. The British Chambers both in China and the UK are bringing together expert speakers to explain best practices on how […]

Everything you need to know about exporting PPE to the ...

Recent years have seen significant growth in the number of British schools in China. This webinar will have market overviews from the British Chamber and DIT before introductions from five British schools operating in different cities and at different stages of development, before answering to the following questions and more: […]

Webinar | What is the future of British schools in ...