Membership Categories


Becoming a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in China means you’ll be joining a network of business leaders and industry experts. Whether the biggest multinational or smallest start-up, companies join our membership programme to network with experienced peers, to develop strategies for expansion and to contribute to policy development.、

成为英国商会在中国的会员意味着你将加入一个由商界领袖和行业专家组成的网络。无论是最大的跨国公司还是最小的初创企业, 公司都加入我们的会员计划, 与经验丰富的同行建立联系, 制定扩张战略, 并为政策制定做出贡献。

Membership categories

Corporate StandardCorporate Standard Membership applies to companies that have an office in the UK and are thus able to vote in our Annual General Meeting. Corporate member company representatives are also able to run for election to our Executive Committee.

Corporate AssociateCorporate Associate Membership applies to companies without a registered presence or a substantial connection with the UK. Associate members are unable to vote in our Annual General Meeting.

National Membership – National Membership is a membership which allows access to all the British Chambers across China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Chengdu). For more information regarding the national membership, please contact us directly.



国家会员资格:国家会员资格是允许进入中国各地 (北京、上海、广东和成都) 所有英国商会的会员。有关国家会员的更多信息, 请直接与我们联系。


The individual membership is different from other types of membership. Individual membership is for those with an interest in the promotion of trade and commerce between the UK and China but are unable to join as a corporate member. Individual members will not be able to vote in our Annual General Meeting.