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Date : 21st November 2021 日期: 2021年11月21日 Are you a teacher currently living in China and interested in a career with the world’s leading premium schools’ organisation? Nord Anglia Education’s 20 outstanding schools across China will be hosting Teacher Recruitment Open Days in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu on 21st November 2021. At these events, […]

Nord Anglia Education Teacher Recruitment Open Day丨诺德安达教育教师招聘开放日

Building a world-class school requires expertise and effort of all staff King’s College Chengdu is committed to establishing a common room that is responsible, rigorous, enthusiastic and energetic, and always puts pupils at the centre of our education. 打造一所优秀的学校,需要所有教职员工各尽所能、齐心协力 成都狄邦肯思学校致力于 组建维持一个 负责严谨、热情洋溢、充满活力 且始终以学生为中心的教师团队 我们的校长 Principals ​ General Principal 总校长 Mingxian Wang 王明宪 Mingxian Wang […]

Member’s News | 成都狄邦肯思学校 DIPONT KCS CHENGDU

英特海利贸易(成都)有限公司  Inteliheat Technologies (Chengdu) Ltd. 工业防爆加热专家 Industrial Heating Expert 英特海利贸易(成都)有限公司是英国LMK Thermosafe Ltd 在中国的全资子公司,主要负责中国市场的销售和技术支持。供应桶加热器、底座加热器以及工业电热毯,提供高效、安全、耐用且灵活的英国纯进口加热设备,用于200升铁桶、IBC吨桶或其他定制形状的容器 ,以及复合材料表面固化。 Inteliheat Technologies (Chengdu) Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary in China of LMK Thermosafe Ltd UK. It is mainly responsible for sales and technical support in the Chinese market. We supply drum heaters, base heaters and industrial heating blankets. We provide efficient, safe, durable and flexible […]

Member Spotlight | Inteliheat 英特海利贸易(成都)有限公司

On Thursday the 5th of November, the Chengdu InterChamber Autumn Mixer will be held at The Temple House. This event is co-organised by: BritCham, AustCham, SingCham, European Chamber, German Chamber, AmCham, Italy Chamber, CCI France Chine and Hongkong Chamber. 11月5日(星期四),成都秋季跨商会联合酒会活动将在成都博舍酒店举行。该活动由英国商会,美国商会,澳大利亚商会,欧洲商会,德国商会,意大利商会,CCI法国分会,新加坡商会和香港商会共同举办。 At this event, you will have an opportunity to meet […]

Upcoming Event | Chengdu InterChamber Autumn Mixer 05/11

One of our BritCham members – Scott’s Fish and Chips,  a traditional British food restaurant, have launched a desserts and drinks menu with a variety of delicious options! 我们为大家介绍英国商会会员 Scotts炸鱼薯条店,现正式推出甜点. 特邀您来尝鲜 About Scott’s The award winning fish and chips café based in Yorkshire, UK has currently opened a branch in Chengdu […]

Member Spotlight | Scott’s Fish and Chips 炸鱼薯条

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the status of Professional Development Qualification (PDQ) Center. This means that UNNC is now licensed by Cambridge International to deliver PDQs courses, and in fact is the first PDQ center in East Asia to be approved todeliver PDQs […]

University of Nottingham Ningbo China Online Professional Development Qualifications

课程背景 | Background 为适应变化不断加速的未来,企业要能够快速决策和反应,要有高度的灵活性,并能够有序地应对变化,快速实现资源 的优化配置。《领导高绩效团队》就是要顺应未来的变化,依据员工的不同发展阶段因势利导,从领导艺术的角度来实 现人力资源的最优配置和最大效用。In order to adapt to the accelerated change in the future, enterprises have a high degree of flexibility and be able to make rapid decisions and responses, be able to respond to changes and quickly realize the optimal allocation of resources. “Leading high performance team” […]

Member’s Promotion | Eddic – iLead 领导高绩效团队

BritCham would like to congratulate Léman IB students for achieving high results on their tests. Well done! [July 10th 2020] — Students, teachers, parents and school community members at Léman International School Chengdu, are celebrating today thanks to students achieving exceptional results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for the […]

Member’s Promotion | Outstanding IB Results at Léman Showcase the ...

课程受益 掌握职场高阶函数, 处理更为复杂的数据统计与分析; 掌握数据分析的相关工具,有效挖掘数据价值; 掌握数据看板制作方法,数据分析结果更全面、系统及高效; 掌握高阶商务图表类型的绘制,让数据传达形式更为新颖及多样化; Course Benefits  Master the higher-level functions to process more complex data statistics and analysis; Master the relevant tools of data analysis and find the value of data effectively; Master data table production methods, make data analysis results more comprehensive, systematic and efficient; Master the […]

Member’s Promotion | Eddic EXCEL进阶–EXCEL高效应用